To kick things off:

1. Register on LiveXP.

2. Complete your profile with all the required info: languages, schedule, intro video, etc. The more detailed your tutor card is, the easier it is for students to see you’re a good fit. Find more profile guidelines here.

3. Download the LiveXP mobile app (IOS/Android) to keep track of your lessons and messages, and more. At this stage, your tutor card becomes visible to students. This is how you can get your lessons booked.

When students click on a particular language, they see the cards of tutors who teach it. They pick one and book a lesson. Students can book a 30-minute trial lesson first. After a trial lesson, they can buy a subscription plan that fits them. Every plan gives students a certain number of lessons to have within a certain period of time. Subscriptions help students to dive deeper into the learning process and make progress. Meanwhile, tutors get a steady flow of students and cash.

4. Read the LiveXP Etiquette and the Earning System to find your feet on the platform and avoid misunderstandings.

5. Think about the ways to promote your tutor profile and attract more students. Feeling stuck? No worries, our top tips are over here.

First time teaching?

Find more useful articles in the Community section. Whenever you need our help, don't hesitate to contact the Support Team.