On LiveXP, we seek to create a friendly, open-minded, and supportive community. That’s why we want to lay out our principles here to help guide the behavior of our community members. The violation of these guidelines results in account deactivation.

We want LiveXP to be a safe space for everyone where they know they won’t face abuse in any shape and form. That’s why we don’t tolerate:

  • Rudeness, harassment, bullying, or threats
    Refrain from rude, offensive, derogatory, discriminatory, or abusive language towards members of the community. If you experience anything of the sort, reach out to us at [email protected]. Difficult situations can and should be resolved peacefully through dialogue.
  • Self-harm, sexually explicit content, substance abuse
    We forbid any sexually explicit content on LiveXP, as well as the depiction of substance abuse (including alcohol and drugs) and calls or encouragement to do so. We also forbid the depiction, promotion, and encouragement of self-harm in any capacity.

We take the security of your account and data seriously but we also encourage you to exercise caution when it comes to your personal info.

  • Sharing personal information
    Don’t share your password with anyone. You cannot be sure what other people may do while signed in as you. If there is some suspicious activity, we’ll have to assume it’s you doing it even if it isn’t in reality. If someone has accessed your account without your permission, let us know straight away at [email protected] and change your password.

    Also, refrain from sharing your phone number, home address, bank card details, etc. You can safely learn, teach, and communicate via our platform with the tools it has.
  • Payments outside LiveXP
    We prohibit making payments outside of the LiveXP platform (including payments to tutors). In this case, if something happens, we’ll be able to help. But if payment takes place outside our platform, there is nothing we can do. We are not responsible for any transactions that occur outside LiveXP.
  • Services not provided by LiveXP
    LiveXP provides means for private online lessons, recorded lessons, and live and recorded courses. All of these should be paid for on LiveXP. We do not provide means or tutors for offline lessons or any other formats. For our platform to remain a safe space for you, please refrain from offers of any service not provided or presupposed by LiveXP and report any such instances you may notice so we can take action.


  • Misrepresenting your identity
    Don’t pretend to be someone else. Not only can it bring legal trouble to you, but it’s simply confusing and undermines the principles of openness and friendliness we advocate.
  • Harassing and spamming
    Don’t harass other tutors and learners. We seek to maintain a pleasant, friendly, and respectful atmosphere for all our members. Advertising any services except for promoting your lessons or courses on LiveXP is not allowed. We also do not allow headhunting our tutors for companies. We are a platform where tutors can teach in the way they want. We are not here to supply tutors for someone else.
  • Use of someone else’s content
    It is prohibited to publish and/or sell someone else’s content without their written legal statement that you’re authorized by them to do so.

Lesson policies

  • Be on time
    If you realize you’ll be late or can’t make it at all, let your tutor/learner know as soon as possible. Try to agree to move the lesson to another time slot and/or day, if necessary.
  • Tutors should wait for learners for the whole lesson
    When a learner pays for a lesson, the tutor receives the payment only after the lesson has taken place and gotten a good rating. That’s why tutors should be present throughout the whole lesson, until the very end, if they want to receive payment for that lesson. Even if the learner doesn’t show up and hasn’t given notice.
  • No refunds for skipping lessons without rescheduling or wrong date bookings
    If as a learner you don’t attend a lesson without letting your tutor know and rescheduling it, the refund for this lesson you missed is impossible.

    If you book a lesson for a specific date and then change your mind, we also won’t be able to refund you. In this case, you should ask to reschedule the lesson for the date you can make. Please be careful when choosing when exactly you want a lesson.
  • We can help you only on LiveXP
    We’ve tried to bring together all the tools you may need for teaching and learning online. So we encourage you to have lessons and make payments only through LiveXP. If something goes wrong, we’ll be able to help you. We understand you may resort to other platforms in case of some force-majeure. But we hope that, normally, you’ll be able to enjoy our platform.

If you have a technical issue that gets in the way of your experience, let us know at [email protected].

  • Get in touch with the tutor/learner in advance
    Before booking a lesson, get in touch with the tutor and ask them about all the details you’re interested in. Similarly, right after you got a lesson booked as a tutor, contact the learner and let them know about the stuff you think it’s important to know, or simply thank them for booking a lesson with you.
  • Check the platform before the lesson
    Make sure to check the quality of video and sound prior to the lesson. Remember that “Tutor studio” becomes available to the tutor 15 minutes before the start of the lesson.
  • In case of any issues, contact us within 12 hours after the lesson
    If you’ve experienced any difficulties during a lesson as a learner or a tutor, reach out to us at [email protected] within 12 hours after the lesson. We’ll do everything we can to help you out, and the sooner we know about any issues, the better.


  • Reply to incoming messages as soon as possible. Quite often, people may message you because it’s something urgent. Also, if anything changes and it affects the upcoming lesson, let your tutor/learner know as soon as you can. Respect other people’s time, and they will respect yours.

    Install LiveXP App on your phone, sign in, and you’ll get notified about all the important stuff regarding your lessons and messages.


  • Be understanding when it comes to unforeseen circumstances others may face. Be flexible, try to find a way out beneficial for everyone involved. Mutual respect performs wonders.