🟩 Description 🟩
Let your potential students know what makes you a great tutor.
What are your strengths? What's your teaching style?

1. Avoid sharing any links to websites offering similar services.
2. Avoid writing your private contact information (email, phone number, billing address)
3. Proofread your texts so they look professionally written (without typos and grammar mistakes)
4. Keep these questions in mind and answer them while filling in the "About me" section:
- What are your teaching style and method?
- What are your strengths as a tutor?
- How rich is your teaching experience?
- What are the things you can help your students with during a lesson?
- What is the age of your target audience? What is the proficiency level of your target audience?
5. Use tiles to attach articles or some other engaging materials
6. In profile settings, choose all the languages you can teach in.
7. Make your LiveXP title short and specific since it will be displayed on your tutor's card. E.g. Certified ESL tutor.

🟩 Introduction video 🟩
💫General tips:
- Duration of 1.5-2 min
- Record the video horizontally
- Set a good light and avoid shadows
- Use neutral background
- Avoid noise in the background
- Speak clearly and smile
- Dress up neatly
- If you speak English, record the video in two languages, or add English subtitles (the1st language is the one you teach, and the 2nd - English for more students to understand you)
- Avoid reading the text and look into the camera when speaking
- Think about the key points of your message and work on its structure before recording
- Come up with a call-to-action phrase at the end of your video

💫Things to talk about:
- Your proficiency
- Experience (in both teaching a language and interacting with people of different nationalities)
- Teaching style and approach
- Materials you use
- Things you can help with at your lessons (exam prep, business communication, conversational language, etc.)
- Your target audience
- Things that make you special as a tutor
- Advantages students will receive if they learn with you
- Your hobbies and interests

🟩 Profile photo 🟩
Do your best to:
- Show your face
- Smilie
- Choose a neutral background
- Take a high-quality picture
- Set good lighting (avoid shadows and looking ghostly white)

🚫Not acceptable:
- Drawn picture instead of a real photo
- Personal contact information on photos
- Photos of other people
- Blurry/low-quality photos
- Heavily-edited photos (with too many filters applied, or masks)