To pass profile moderation successfully, tutors need to have the following:

✅ a profile description
✅ an introduction video
✅ a profile photo
✅ a cover image (thumbnail)

All of the above-mentioned must be submitted according to the Profile Setup Requirements. Otherwise, your profile may be hidden from the LiveXP tutor catalog and sent for further profile post-moderation. If it happens, such profiles become unavailable for bookings unless all the required changes are made.

Please note, that only users who are over 18 years old can be registered as tutors on LiveXP.


Let your potential students know what makes you a great tutor. What are your strengths? What's your teaching style?

Not acceptable:

❌  Sharing any links to websites offering similar services or personal social media.
❌  Adding your private contact information (email, phone number, billing address).
Typos and grammar mistakes. Proofread the texts in the profile description before you publish them.

Keep these questions in mind and answer them while filling in the "About me" section:
✔️ What are your teaching style and method?
✔️ What are your strengths as a tutor?
✔️ How rich is your teaching experience?
✔️ What are the things you can help your students with?
✔️ What is the age of your target audience? What is the proficiency level of your target audience?

Good to have:

✅ In profile settings, choose all the languages you can teach in.

Make your LiveXP title short and specific since it will appear on your tutor card. E.g., Certified ESL tutor.

When filling in the Name field in your LiveXP Profile details (the name visible to everyone), use your actual name or the name you'd prefer potential students to address you by. Avoid marketing slogans or service descriptions. Keep it simple and authentic.

✅ If you've used a random username, ensure you fill in the real name field so others know how to address you.

👩🏼‍🏫 Great Examples:

Introduction video

General requirements:

Recommended resolution is 1920px x 1080px

✔  Keep the video up to 1.5-2 minutes
Dress up neatly, avoiding provocative clothes that may cause a false perception of the platform and the services provided
✔ Ensure your makeup is not too bright or defiant
✔ Set good lighting and avoid shadows or glares
✔ Make sure your camera is securely fixed to avoid shaking
✔ Use a neutral background and avoid background noises
Speak clearly, avoid reading the text; look into the camera when speaking
Avoid grammatical/lexical mistakes in your speech
✔ Make sure your video is not lagging behind or freezing
✘ Videos generated with the help of AI are not allowed
✔ If you speak English, record the video in two languages or add English subtitles: the first language is the one you teach, and the second is English for more students to understand you

Things to talk about:

✔️ Your hobbies and interests
✔️ Your proficiency in languages
✔️ Experience (in both teaching a language and interacting with people of different nationalities)
✔️ Teaching style and approach
✔️ Materials you use
✔️ Things you can help with (exam prep, business communication, conversational language, etc.)
✔️ Your target audience
✔️ If you don't teach some levels or have any other restrictions, mention them in the description and your video introduction
✔️ Things that make you unique as a tutor
✔️ Why students should learn with you
✔️ Come up with a call-to-action phrase at the end of your video

Profile photo/Cover Image for the intro video

Dimensions for profile pictures are 600 x 600 px, and for thumbnail images - 840 x 480 px


Show your face (except for religious or health reasons)
✅ Choose a portrait-type picture with the head and upper shoulder visible
✅ Choose a neutral background (without excessive details, bright or intense colors, or other people visible)
✅ Take a high-quality picture (for the cover image, it must be horizontal)
✅ Set good lighting (avoid shadows or glares and looking ghostly white)

Not acceptable:

❌ Photos with borders or frames
Provocative clothes (please make sure your clothes cover all parts of the body that may look provocative or cause a false perception of the platform and the services provided)
Messy appearance
Bright and defiant make-up
Drawn picture instead of a real photo
❌ Personal contact information on photos
Text in your profile image
❌ Photos of other people or objects like nature, animals, cartoon heroes, etc.
Blurry/low-quality photos
Heavily-edited photos
❌ Photos with too many filters/stickers applied
Collages overloaded with text, drawings, and bright colors are not acceptable to keep the catalog in the same style
Full-body or group photos
❌ Photos with bright colored background
Selfies with your phone visible

👨🏼‍🏫 Great Examples: