Copacetic, copasetic, copesthetic — what it means and how to use it?

Copacetic (or copasetic, as some people spell it) is not a word often heard in everyday speech.

Valentina Dordevic
Valentina Dordevic

Copacetic (or copasetic, as some people spell it) is not a word often heard in everyday speech. Some linguists think it was coined by Irving Bacheller, the author of a book on Abraham Lincoln. Copasetic was a part of one character’s idiosyncratic speech.

Other theories mention a Chinook word copasenee, “all is fine,” and the French coupersetique, “which can be coped with.” But none of these theories has ever been proven.

How do you spell copasetic or copacetic?

The word can be spelled copacetic, copasetic, or even kopasetic, but it’s never copesthetic.

Copacetic definition

Copacetic or copasetic means being to one’s liking, agreeable, OK, fine, good, cool, going well, totally satisfactory. Other synonyms include acceptable, likable, pleasing, pleasant, and more.

The word describes a mood, situation, or relationship that is in a (near)perfect order - or at least acceptable.

When to use copasetic / copacetic

When something is going just fine, it’s copacetic. A good, harmonious relationship is copacetic. When we think an idea is good, we’re copacetic about it. This word can describe so many different things, from an attitude to a harmonious musical composition.

How to use copacetic in a sentence

Let’s look at a couple of examples of this word in everyday speech.

Their marriage was copacetic until that day.
I was worried, but he told me everything was perfectly copacetic.
This puppy is copacetic with the cat being around.
We talked about a new project, and they seemed copasetic with my idea.
At first sight, everything seems copacetic.
She said all was copacetic.
It sounds copacetic to me.
Not everything was copasetic under the surface.
I was nervous, but she was more copacetic about the exam.
Everybody in the office was so enthusiastic about finding a copacetic fit.
His life changed from horrible to copacetic.
Mike’s copacetic behavior could be a result of his new circumstances.
When we talked about it, he sounded copacetic.
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