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5 Synonyms for “I Hate You”

Please, try to be polite with people! I don’t encourage you to use these phrases, but all of us are human beings, and sometimes we need to do that.

Ariana Avdieienko
Ariana Avdieienko
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Well, we all experience emotions, positive and negative feelings, and sometimes we can’t stand against expressing them in someone’s face. So, today you are welcome to check out 5 awesome phrases for saying that you hate someone.

Let’s get started and check how to express your hatred in English.

1—You Make Me Sick

This phrase shows that a person makes you feel the worst way because of something. That is like you feel sickness, nausea of seeing him or her.

For example:

It makes me sick when I see how he kisses her hand after breaking up with me.
21 Grams (2003)

2—I Hate Your Guts

“Guts” mean your stomach, so this phrase shows that you hate somebody from his inner to outer. You may use this if someone really irritates you that you can no longer bear him or her.

For example:

“What happened, honey? You look exhausted and irritated.”

“Oh, I hate her guts (*pointing at the magazine’s photo). She was my classmate, bullied me, and now she is a supermodel.”

P.S. I Love You (2007)

3—I Loathe You

Your hatred is as deep as the hell is. Well, you hate and dislike someone so much that you cannot see them, listen to and hear them. 100% of hatred.

For example:

I loathed you when you stole my money!
The Sunset Limited (2011)

4—I Wish You Would Die

Speaking of wish sentences, you may see that we should use past tense after it: I + wish + smth\smb + would (past form of Will) + bare infinitive. Well, this phrase is used when you want to say that another person is so bad that he or she should die.

For example:

He has been cheating on me for years, so I wish he would die!
The Road (2009)

5—I Can’t Stand the Sight of You

Use it when you want to uncover your wish to forget every bit of someone’s shape and get it out of your sight.

For example:

After robbing the shop, I could not stand the sight of him despite loving him.
The Dark Knight (2008)

Well, guys, I hope that I have helped you to improve your vocabulary and to release your negative emotions via reading this article. Please, try to be polite with people! I don’t encourage you to use these phrases, but all of us are human beings, and sometimes we need to do that. Hence if someone deserves to hear it, let them do it in an unusual way and show your high level of English.

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