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Abbreviations can be difficult for both non-native and native English speakers to learn. That said, some are more ubiquitous than others and therefore can be grasped with greater ease — or, at least, can be more useful once you finally understand them. One of these is “management,” whose abbreviations you will encounter pretty frequently in the business world and even outside of it.

So which management abbreviation is most common, or is there more than one?

Just the essentials

Management is a long word with a lot of repeated letters in it. In the high-stakes professional contexts in which it is often used, it makes sense that people would shorten it for efficiency’s sake. It’s definitely a word that could bear stripping down to its essentials.

But what have people agreed that those essentials are?

Mngmt is one popular management short. It takes most of the consonants and leaves out most of the vowels, making it easy to tell what the original word was without cluttering up the space in an email, sign, or another piece of written text with unnecessary letters.


Memo: the team needs to work on their time mngmt.

Mgmt is another very widely used variant (and even the name of an art-pop band), often used in academic contexts as an abbreviation for management courses at colleges and universities.


Mgmt 101 is a requirement for all business majors.

Mgt is a lesser-used but equally acceptable variant. Using only three letters means there is a greater likelihood for confusion with other words, but if used in the right context it will be interpreted correctly.


If there are any questions, contact mgt immediately.

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