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A strong vocabulary can assist you in expressing your love and affection on Valentine’s Day. Expressing your feelings effectively can make a world of difference. Here are ten sweet phrases, verbs, and nouns for Valentine’s Day to help you express your love in English.

Adore (verb)

To admire someone is to have the highest and most intense love for them. If you’re looking for a term to convey your deep love and admiration, this is it.


I adore the way you laugh, it’s contagious.
I adore everything about you, from your lovely face to your kind heart and good character.

Sweetheart (noun)

A term of endearment for a loved one, this word is often used to address a romantic partner playfully and affectionately. It comes from two words: “sweet” and “heart.”

You are my sweetheart, the love of my life.
I feel so much love for you when I see you, my sweetheart.

Soulmate (noun)

A soulmate is someone who is perfect for you and who completes you in every way. If you believe your partner is your soulmate, this word is a great way to express your feelings. There is no better one to be your Valentine than your soulmate.

You are my soulmate, the missing piece of my puzzle.

Love of my life (phrase)

One of my favorite Valentine’s day words and phrases is this phrase we use to describe the person who means the most to you and is the most significant in your life. Many people don’t know it, but there is a significant difference between a soul mate and the love of life. A soulmate is someone who fits with someone on all levels, like two pieces of a puzzle. And the love of your life is someone you decide to love. It can be a soulmate if you are lucky enough to find them, and it doesn’t have to be.

You are the love of my life, the one I want to spend forever.

My better half (phrase)

Similar to “love of my life,” this phrase’s words associated with Valentine’s day are used to describe the person who makes your life better and complete.

You are my better half, which makes me a better person.
Together, we are one, my better half.

To get engaged (phrase)

If you become engaged, it indicates that your significant other has proposed to you; and you have accepted, which usually includes a ring. Also, people decide to get engaged on Valentine’s day because it’s romantic.

Jane and Hose got engaged on Valentine’s day.

Roses are red, violets are blue (phrase)

It is a well-known expression (like a poem) people use on Valentine’s Day to show their love and affection.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love you more each day, that’s true.
Roses are red, violets are blue, I am so lucky to be in love with you.

Be mine (phrase)

This phrase associated with Valentine’s day is often used to express a desire to be in a romantic relationship with someone and is a common request made on Valentine’s Day.

Be mine, my love, be my valentine.
You are the one I want, so be mine, my love.

To be lovesick (adjective)

Feeling a little queasy? Especially thinking about someone you like or you are around them? You’re genuinely attracted to someone and finding it tough to manage your feelings, so don’t worry; it’s not a disease. You’ll constantly think about this person if you’re to be lovesick.

Are you OK? Fine, I am just a bit lovesick.

Cherish (Verb)

To cherish someone means to hold them dear. You also appreciate all that they bring to your life. It is a lovely word associated with Valentine’s day to use if you want to express love and affection.

I will cherish every moment spent with you.


Using these vocabulary words and verbs for Valentine’s day can help you express your love and affection more effectively. These words can help you express your thoughts to your spouse in a way that is understandable, emotional, and unforgettable, whether you’re writing a love letter, creating a romantic message, or simply talking to them.

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