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Yes, chocolates and flowers are a great way to show your love, but if you want to go all out this valentine’s season, why not try a gesture that’s both words and action?

Indeed, love is more about actions than it is about words. However, showing your love in words could also help build a stronger bond with your partner. Love can grow stronger in the simple gesture of a love letter.

If you are scared you’ll mess it up because you aren’t good with words, don’t be. This article will boost your writing skills from any point you are to 100. Stay with us; we’ll teach you how to craft a letter for Valentine’s Day.

How to Write a Love Letter

Every love letter begins with a “You.” Not an actual “You,” but you must write with your recipient as the center of focus; nothing else matters. With this, you are off to a great start, and here are a few Valentine’s Day letter ideas.

Plan your words

Writing a love letter can be intimidating because you must express your feelings and be vulnerable. The human mind is forgetful, especially when it seems to be under pressure. These two factors are not in your favor in this situation.

For this reason, you need to prepare your love letter for Valentine’s Day. By doing so, you will remember all essential details, and your writing will be smooth.

Tell your partner what you love about them

Do you love their sense of humor? How do their eyes and smiles meet when they are happy? Do you love when they sing without a care in the world, comfortable in their skin? Or how do they dance when they are excited? You get the idea.

Never be afraid to express to your spouse what you value about them. People enjoy being recognized for who they are. And to have a partner who sees, appreciates, and loves those parts that they think no one notices is the best feeling.

What this does is reassure your partner of your commitment to them and your relationship and that you take note of the little things in your partners’ life, so don’t hold anything back. And be as expressive as you can in your Valentine’s Day letter.

Recall a romantic moment

You and your partner have had your romantic moments as a couple. Make sure to include those romantic moments in your letter. It could be one, two, or as much as you would like. But the best option is to pick a moment you and your lover can relate to deeply.

Recall the events leading up to that instance. Recall the moments themselves. Tell them how those moments you shared with them made you feel.

Talk about these shared moments and tell your partner how special they make you feel.

Tell them how they’ve impacted you

It is an honor to know that their presence in your life means something to them, so go ahead and put that in your letter. Is your partner your confidante, your biggest supporter, or even your muse? Tell them how they inspire you to become a better version of yourself and how much you are grateful for them in your life.

Rounding off your letter

The end of a letter is as important as the beginning. You have started your Valentine’s Day letter strong, so you must finish strong.

Rounding up your love letter with affirmations for the future is the sweetest thing to do. Tell your partner how amazing you feel to have them in your life and your hopes for your future together.

Know your audience

A love letter is a form of expression; expressions only work if tailored to the recipient’s taste. You have to know what excites your partner.

Would they prefer your words on a greeting card or carefully selected paper and ink with its content flowing on pages and pages?

Would they love it if you left little notes around the house professing your undying love to them? Or would they prefer it sent to their mail?

Whichever means it gets to them, it doesn’t reduce the impact of your love letter; however, it has to be according to your partner’s taste.


You may think love letters are traditional, especially in this digital age. Still, it takes a certain level of time, concentration, and effort to piece one together, unlike what you have with a text or a social media post. This is what makes a love letter a pleasure to give and receive.

So this valentine’s season, write your significant other a Valentine’s Day letter.


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