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Description of Noone

Noone is spelled incorrectly as No one. People who misuse it believe there is no gap between “no” and “one.”

Description of No One

The spelling should read “no one.” Even though “no body,” “some body,” and “some one” have changed to “nobody,” “someone,” and “someone,” respectively, “no one” has not adopted this fashion. This is likely because “noone” appears awkward and would lead to pronunciation mistakes.

Description of No-one

Outside of North America, “no-one” is infrequently used as a different spelling from “no one,” although it still happens roughly 20 times less frequently. The majority of readers in North America would view the hyphenated version as being misspelled.

Writers frequently mix up the words “no one,” “noone,” and “no-one,” but the rules are straightforward. Choose “no one” (i.e., the two-word version). Both “No-one” and “noone” are misspelled.

Use of Noone or No One or No-one in a sentence

Since the middle of the 1940s, the hyphenated form “no-one” has gained popularity (particularly outside North America). No one can be spelled with a hyphen to produce the considerably less frequent form no-one. Although not strictly wrong, using no-one instead of no one cannot always be done with a hyphen.

It should be noted that some grammarians approve of the hyphenated version since they believe it removes ambiguity from statements like the following.

No-one thought it was right to do.
No-one is an island of knowledge.
No-one can do it as I do.

These are actually wrong!

The terms “nobody,” “someone,” “someone,” and “nowhere” are acceptable and can be used, but not “Noone.”


Noone can do it all.
Noone knows him as Tom does.
I tried calling, but noone answered the phone.

These are also wrong!

No one is categorized as an indefinite pronoun. A pronoun that refers to a person or object without being more precise is known as an indefinite pronoun.

Examples are:

No one knows tomorrow.
I know no one who can help you.
I tried calling, but no one answered the phone.
No one can do it all.
No one knows him as Tom does.
No one thought it was right to do.

A term may have several spellings for a variety of reasons. You’ll come across one eventually that makes you question your spelling decisions without even mentioning all the terms whose spelling varies based on the nation in which they are employed.

Another word you can use in place of “no one” is “nobody.” In all cases, “nobody” and “no one” are referred to people. You can unwind if you're having trouble deciding which one to write. Either will work, so choose the one that sounds the best.

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