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If you are interested in online education, this article is for you. I have studied English for over 6 years, and I have been teaching for a year already, so I got my own experience I want to share with you.

1—Set a Goal

First, when you want to start learning a new language, the most important thing is to set a goal: Why? What for? People who do not have a specific goal are more likely to give up on learning.

2—Learn With a Tutor

Learning with a tutor is much easier than learning by yourself. The tutor can fix the mistakes you do not notice and give advice and tips you never knew.

3—Find the Tutor that Suits You

Find the tutor that suits you. There are hundreds of tutors; each of them has their own method of teaching. If you don’t like your current tutor, you can always search for another one who will suit you. It’s up to you.

4—Keep Consistency

Let’s notice that many students expect the tutor to do the entire job. Remember that the information the tutor gives is 20% percent of your success. The rest and the most important part is on student – constant practice. If you have constancy, you are more likely to succeed in language mastering.


What is practice? I got different students from different countries. I want to mention two of them.

Miss M asked me to improve her speaking skills. Let’s note that the only way to improve speaking is by speaking. She couldn’t speak very well, but her grammar was on an advanced level. That means she practiced grammar more than speaking.

Another one Mr. S, came with great speaking skills but grammar lack. Therefore, we see that each skill needs practicing (listening, speaking, reading, writing, talking).

Bonus Advice—Never Give Up

Don’t give up if you have any difficulties. Everyone has, and that is the only way to master a new language. You will never regret it. Someone can learn a language faster than another one. It’s ok. We are all different. Someone is good at one thing and another one at another. I wish you good luck on this interesting journey of mastering a new language. In case you have any difficulties, feel free to contact me.

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