Subscriptions are designed to add more flexibility for tutors and students. For students, a subscription is essentially an auto-renewable lesson package that isn't "assigned" to a specific tutor. Lesson prices for students are determined by subscription plans, not by tutors.

This way, subscriptions level the field for tutors, because, in this case, you compete with your skills and personality, not with your prices.

Elements of subscriptions:

1. 30-minute trial lessons

We believe that 30-minute trial lessons may become a great encouragement for students to subscribe to full-length lessons and see if the tutor matches their expectations and needs.

- The price for students is fixed - $3.49.

- Each student can have only 1 trial lesson with each tutor.

- Tutors get guaranteed the full amount of $3.49 per 30-minute lesson – but that's just the beginning! Converting your trial students into new subscribers may bring you additional reward. Learn more in this article.

2. Level-based earnings

For tutors, how much they get per lesson is based on their level (XP).

The tutor level (XP) depends on:

- How many completed regular lessons they've had in the last 365 days

- The number of new students who have bought a subscription after trial lessons in the last 365 days.

The more lessons you have, the higher your level, the more you earn.

Find out more about the tutor levels here.

How to get the most out of subscriptions?

1. Dedicate yourself to trial lessons.
A well-prepared 30-minute trial lesson can bring you $13.49 if you convert a student into a new subscriber. Read more about the first steps in approaching your new student.

2. Keep your availability up-to-date and avoid rescheduling often.
Instant requests to reschedule lessons will cause students to doubt the seriousness of your intentions to regularly and effectively teach them, and may push them to look for a more stable learning process with another tutor.

3. Show the student that their goal is reachable.
Introducing a clear vision of the learning plan, which will correlate with the student's interests and needs, will convince the student they made the right choice with you.