In this guide, we'll delve into the matter of conversion bonuses – a topic that might be a bit tricky but holds immense potential for your tutoring journey. So, let's break it down:

The Main Idea

The conversion bonus is not just about rewarding trials; it's designed to elevate your tutoring experience and provide that extra bit of motivation. The real magic though happens when you transform a trial lesson student into our new subscriber. That's exactly when the conversion bonus is granted, turning your efforts into a well-deserved reward.

How It Works

If you conduct a successful trial lesson for a newly registered student, who subscribes within 30 days afterwards, and continues having successful subscription lessons with you, additional $10 and 2 XP are automatically applied to you for that trial lesson.

Possible Roadblocks: Understanding Nuances

The conversion bonuses may not be applied in all instances – why?

Case 1: Loyal Subscribers

Our loyal students sometimes like to explore lessons with different tutors. They take trial lessons all over again and then decide to re-subscribe. Now, the bonuses are specifically designed to celebrate a tutor for bringing in new students to jump on the subscription train. Unfortunately, in case with a loyal learner the bonus will not be applicable.

Case 2: Multiple Tutors

Picture this: an eager student is on a tutor exploration, trying out lessons with different professionals. After taking some trials, they find themselves torn between several amazing tutors, both bringing unique contribution to their learning journey. Then, they finally decide to commit and hit that 'Subscribe' button.
After the first successful lesson within the student's subscription, our system turns detective – the conversion bonus gets awarded to the tutor, with whom the student made their first lesson within their newly purchased subscription.

Beyond Bonuses

What happens if you put all your effort into preparing for a trial lesson, and it seems only to find out the student has already been a subscriber?

Trials with loyal subscribers might not give you bonuses, but they open doors to long-term relationships. Don't underestimate the value of engaging with existing subscribers – they could be your ticket to a steady income in the future. It's not just about one bonus; it's about building lasting connections.

Let's shift our focus from aiming for a bonus on each trial to the bigger picture – creating meaningful connections and converting students into loyal subscribers for sustained success.

Thank you for your dedication to delivering a top-notch education on LiveXP 💚