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What does LMAO mean?

Have you ever received a message from a friend or acquaintance that simply read “lmao”? This 4-letter abbreviation means “laughing my ass off.” You can use it in written conversations, for example, when texting or in response to a funny post on social media. It is widely used and easily recognized in both uppercase and lowercase. Most internet abbreviations are considered informal or slang at worst and should not be used to communicate formally or professionally.

LMAO meaning in the text

The appropriate time to send “lmao” is when you want to express that something made you laugh, or you at least found it funny. This could be when you receive a funny message, photo, meme, or GIF. Some messages don’t require a full response, so responding with an abbreviation or emoji is a way of acknowledging humor without engaging in further conversation. You can even pair “lmao” with an appropriate emoji, for example, the “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji.

What lmao means

If you’re wondering if “lmao” is the only way to respond to a hilarious message, there are many more abbreviations and slang terms that you can use instead. “Lmao” is particularly informal because it is crasser than similar terms, more polite such as “lol,” “ROFL,” or a simple “haha.” That said, there is a more vulgar variation of the same term: LMFAO. You should always adapt your textspeak to your audience, as your parents may not use, understand or appreciate the same language as your friends or siblings. With work colleagues that you consider friends, the line is somewhat blurred, so you should instead consider the situation and context rather than considering your relationship. It’s best to reserve slang and texting language, as well as emojis, for private conversations and avoid using them on your work phone, email, or messaging services linked to your place of work.


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