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Here’s one of the most shortened words up to date. The word “INTERNATIONAL” is mostly used in sports and politics. To abbreviate a word means to shorten its length and form. It also means to compress it.

Definition of “International” — Active, known, or reaching beyond national boundaries.

How to abbreviate the word “International”

There are many different ways to abbreviate the word “International’’ but only 5 of them are used regularly.

INTL — This is used in the Aviation & Industrial Sectors.

Is the flight you’re going on INTL?

Int. — This one is used in Sports, Computing, and Programming.

The INT team of Brazil has won the world cup.

Intl. — This one is seen in the Military and Special Forces.

Do you agree that Military action that defies Intl Law is sometimes justified?

Int’l. — This is mostly used by Students when writing notes or essays.

The Int’l chess club dominated the tournament.

INT’L — It is usually written in Political letters and campaigns.

The president’s INT’L campaign has been successful.

Abbreviations like these are reserved for titles, headlines, shorthand notes. They are well-known globally and used in writing because of the length of the word.


In this day and age, we try to shorten everything from texts, sentences to words. The best way to reduce the size of a word such as “International” is the abbreviation. Abbreviations have taken over in the last 20 years, and they are everywhere. You’ll have to choose the correct one that suits your text so it still makes sense and it’s easily readable.

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