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Periodt is usually used as an interjection. It shows a statement or thought is final. When thinking about periodt meaning, we should find out its origin. It originated from the word “period.” When “period” is used as an interjection, it means the end of a discussion or tells us about an unappealable decision.


No, I forbid you to keep company with this guy, period!

So, what does periodt mean? The final letter “t” in this word is a part of Black English where the last letter “d” often is pronounced as “t.” This slang is widely spread on the internet, especially in the Black Twitter community and other social media platforms or forums. It is also usually used as a part of the expression, “and that’s on periodt,” which is “and that’s final.” “Periodt” has the same meaning as “period” but in a more informal way.


Money makes me happy. And that’s on periodt.
Jim is such a player. I don't wanna have to deal with that kinda stuff anymore. Hell no, Jim, periodt.

If you want to emphasize that you’re right or your thought is unshakeable:

You act like an idiot! Periodt!
I really think that this vaccine is useless. Periodt!

Always remember about the context where you want to use it. Don’t forget it is slang that belongs to a particular community of people. That’s why you need to be careful with this word.

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