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Three Essential Tips to Get a Better Score on a Reading Test

Many people believe the reading test is hard, but I don’t think so. Here I give you three tips to get a better score on reading tests.

Vincencia Chrysantika
Vincencia Chrysantika
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Reading test could give more tension because it requires good vocabulary knowledge and a high level of text understanding. Many people believe the reading test is hard, but I don’t think so. Here I give you three tips to get a better score on reading tests.


First, practice the day or even weeks before the test. There is a quote that says, “practice makes perfect,” and that is true. The more you practice doing the reading test exercise, the sooner you will master it.

Check previous years’ tests

Second, try to look at previous years’ text tests. It would be helpful for you, the test might not be the same, but the topic is around that area. For example, last year, the test might talk about Nelson Mandela’s speech. Maybe this year could be about someone famous and very influential person too. You can come up with a strategy by reading some speeches from renowned people so that you might not be surprised if you find a speech text.

Have enough rest

Last, get enough rest, you can’t do well on the test if you don’t get enough rest, and reading text requires high concentration. English words can be confusing sometimes if you don’t come in the fit condition, you might misread some words, and it would lead you to make mistakes in your test.


So, you have to make sure to get enough sleep before the test day. Don’t try to cover up everything in one night your brain might get dizzy. You have to plan your strategy. How about if your teacher loves to give surprise tests? Then, you have to study and practice for the reading test every day. Take 30 minutes a day to practice that’s enough. Then you can add more time if you already get used to it. Your life is more precious than any test in the world. Live your life and worry less. If you need assistance, you can ask for my help. I can assist you by providing some reading text with the comprehension questions, and I can give you input on which part of your strength that can give you more benefit.

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