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Connecting With a Purpose of Learning

First, let me start off by saying that it is nearly impossible to be receptive to new knowledge unless your environment is conducive (helpful) to learning.

Reham M. Omar
Reham M. Omar
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If you have some experience using learning platforms, you may have found yourself compromising the benefit you get from a course i.e. progress, for the sake of socializing with your tutor. In other words, you become so friendly that the main lesson aim gets lost between catching up and sharing personal anecdotes.

First, let me start off by saying that it is nearly impossible to be receptive to new knowledge unless your environment is conducive (helpful) to learning. Learning environment is comprised of many factors, but the number one element in a virtual environment is your tutor! This basically means that if you like your tutor, you’ll be able to learn. If you don’t, sessions will become an unenjoyable chore that you will sooner or later give up. We are social beings, and when we like someone, we feel the desire to know them better, and often stray off from “professional conduct.”

So how do you maintain consistent benefit, & a comfortable learning atmosphere? Through these 5 simple steps for purposeful learning:

Plan your objectives early on

Make sure that during your first lesson, you tell your tutor exactly what you want by the end of the course, your interests, and what your problems are when it comes to learning. Don’t assume that a first session should only be about ice-breaking, a tutor will appreciate the opportunity to plan a course with you, and ask them to take down notes to keep track of your plan.

Be honest and straightforward!

A lot of students feel that because they like and appreciate their tutors, they cannot make give them any negative feedback. Remember that feedback is a two-sided aid. Just as you benefit from knowing your mistakes and weaknesses, a tutor will benefit from knowing your needs and if they could change their style to better suit you.

Establish daily goals

At the start of each lesson, make sure you discuss with your tutor the linguistic aspect you’d like to work on. Get their opinion but make sure that by the end of the lesson, you’ve worked on your goal.

Reiterate your goals

Tutors usually have a LOT of students, which means that they might forget details about individual students. Don’t be shy about reminding them of your overall and daily goals.

Remain the center of attention

It’s completely fine to ask your tutor personal questions if they feel comfortable sharing them, but keep things at a level where you are still the focus of the session. A good tutor will automatically do that, but might want to establish rapport with you by talking about their lives and interests; it’s okay to redirect their focus if you feel them getting distracted.

Finally, have a great learning experience!

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Reham M. Omar

I’m an ESL tutor with more than 8 years of experience working. I have a master's in Education and am both CELTA and TESOL qualified. I’m here to help you achieve your language goals.

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