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The Most Confusing Words in English

Nesrin Turgut
Nesrin Turgut
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To sit—(v) to be in a position in which your bottom is resting on a chair.

He was sitting in a chair next to the window.

Seat—(n) something that you sit on.

He used the box as a seat.


Than—(conj) is used to introduce the second or the last of two.

She is younger than I am.

Then—(adv) at the time mentioned.

Back then, he was living in New York.


Later—(adv) at a future time.

I will talk to you again later.

Latter—(adj) the last thing.

Of chicken, fish, and meat, I like the latter best.


Quiet—(adj) making very little voice.

He spoke in a very quiet voice.

Quite—(adv) to a very noticeable degree.

He is quite rich.


Devise—(n) is an object that has been made for some special purpose.

The store sells TVs, VCRs, and other electronic devices.

To devise—(v) to plan, to invent.

They have devised a new method for converting sunlight into electricity.


Principal—(adj) chief, main.

My principal reason for moving is to have a quick drive to work.

Principle—(n) a moral rule.

It’s against my principles to cheat.


Valuable—(adj) worth a good price.

The vase is extremely valuable.

Invaluable—(adj) extremely valuable.

You gave me invaluable information.


Farther—(adv) to a more distant place.

It’s farther away than I’d thought.

Further—(adv) to a greater degree.

I don’t know anything further about what really happened.


Diary—(n) a book in which you write down your personal thoughts each day.

Her diaries were published after her death.

Dairy—(adj) made from milk.

You will find milk in the dairy section of the grocery store.


Dead—(adj) no longer alive.

He was found dead in his flat last night.

Death—(n) the end of life.

The reporter didn’t tell us the cause of death.


To wave—(v) to move your hand to say goodbye.

We waved goodbye to her and drove away.

To waive—(v) to officially say that you will not require something.

She waived her right to a lawyer.


To overdo—(v) to do too much of something.

You should do sports every day but don’t overdo it.

Overdue—(adj) not paid at an expected time.

She has many overdue bills.


Peace—(n) a state in which there is no war.

They have lived in peace for many years.

Piece—(n) an amount that is cut from a larger section of something.

I would like to have a piece of steak.
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