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“Duly noted” is a common phrase used in many circumstances, but have you ever asked yourself “What does dully noted mean?” The definition of “duly noted” is that something has been acknowledged or recorded appropriately, and it will be fully considered at the right time.

Depending on the context, this adverbial phrase can either be informal or formal. Additionally, this phrase is not purely rude, although, in some instances, it’s used sarcastically. However, duly noted is sometimes written as “dually noted,” which means that something has been acknowledged twice.

Uses of “Duly Noted”

This phrase can be used differently in various sentences considering the context. It’s often used by people in official contexts to indicate that the situation has been acknowledged, and it will get the necessary consideration when the appropriate time comes. For example, “duly noted” can be directly used in sentences such as:

We duly noted the requested changes from the previous committee.
The concerns of the employees were duly noted in the board meeting.
All your suggestions have been duly noted!
Duly noted," the teacher said, trying to appease the students whose marks were missing.

On other occasions, duly noted is often used sarcastically or ironically, especially in less formal settings. In this context, it’s typically used to dismiss an idea, topic, thought, or statement.

You acknowledge something but deem it unimportant and irrelevant. Using duly noted meaning to disregard a statement may be used by an individual who feels they’ve been insulted by another person’s opinion. But if you’re not sure about when you can use this phrase, it’s better to practice your conversational English not to make mistakes.

For example:

John: “Hey Jane, you need to stop joking around and be serious with your studies from next term.”
Jane: “Duly noted!”
Her mother complained about her short miniskirts early in the morning. To do away with her, she responded with an eye roll and said, “duly noted, mum!”
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