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When was the last time you’ve heard someone saying, “I want to broaden my horizon”? This phrase has become a cliché, so most people prefer to avoid it and use other ways to express the same meaning.

Before we tell you the best synonyms for this phrase, let’s see what it actually means.

“Broaden my horizon” definition

It means to increase the range of knowledge or experience. It’s broadening or expanding your opportunities in life.

However, you’ll most likely find it in the plural – “broaden my horizons.”


Going to college will broaden everyone’s horizons.

“Broaden my horizon” or “Broaden my horizons”—What’s better to use

“Broaden my horizons” is the commonly used phrase as expanding your views in one direction doesn’t make sense. Therefore, it’s best to use “broaden my horizons.”

“Broaden my horizon” synonym

There’s more than one way to say that you want to increase the range of things you know, understand, or experience or that you have already done it. So, we’re not looking for just one synonym for this phrase but more of them.

Here are a few synonyms for “broaden my horizons,” each being the perfect alternative in certain situations. Choose the best option for your needs:

·         Expand my knowledge
·         Expand my horizons
·         Enlarge my understanding
·         Discover new things
·         Broaden my mind
·         Broaden my perspective
·         Widen my view
·         Broaden my view
·         Expand my view

Let’s see examples of sentences using some of these synonyms.

“Discover new things,” “Expand my view,” “Expand my horizons” examples


I started traveling around the world to discover new things.
She helped me expand my view on the meaning of feminism.
I will take an online course that will help me expand my horizons.
Chasing Amy (1997)

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