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Do you know what it is if a person after the seventh time did not pass the Exam? It was my personal experience. I have been studying the German language for 2 years and 6 months. In this period of time, I was writing 10 different German exams. But, in the beginning, I made a lot of mistakes:

1. Exam without preparation.

2. Need more language knowledge.

3. I needed to figure out, what is it, the German exam.

On the one hand, I had a great experience. And, at this moment, I can go to an exam almost without fear. On the other hand, for my parents, it was not cheap. I can not say that it was a big issue. However, I had to evaluate my language knowledge properly. All in all, after the seventh bad luck, I made a strong decision. In October last year, I started the complete preparation for TestDAF. Here I will give you some advice, which I can suggest after my private experience:

  1. In the beginning, you need to find a teacher who knows the structure of the exam (Goethe, TestDAF, ÖSD, Telc..)
  2. You need a teacher who will correct your writing and speaking parts.
  3. You have to compose the work plan (for example, on Monday, part reading and part speaking) or (from Monday until Friday, part reading, but this works only if you have a lot of time before exam 1 or 2 months).
  4. For the reading part, you have to do not only typical exercises but also listen to podcasts, music, and interview (I have been watching TV shows in German and listening to songs and interviews from my favorite German band—FAUN).
  5. For the writing part, you have to write more texts and use a complete structure with cliche. For the speaking part, you have to use ready cliche too. (These lists you can find in special literature for exam preparation). Please pay attention to the graph structure and learn how to describe this graph. Please remember that the speaking part in TestDAF is Audio. Through the preparation period, work with a stopwatch. If you prepare alone, you should use a dictaphone too.
  6. For the reading part, just read. You can read newspapers, magazines, and books. I have been reading books and news on the Internet.
  7. For an interesting text for the writing part, try to find and use remarkable people quotes. Find these on the internet. After composing your private list, print this for yourself and use this list before the exam.

It was 6 months of preparation for TestDAF. Honestly, it was the first very difficult time in my life. Every day I did a lot of work. I had days in which I had no desire or motivation for work. In those days, I have been just imagining my future life in Germany or Austria. At the same time, I will never forget the support that during all this period, I took from my family and friends. All these things helped me, and I have very good results for the writing and the speaking parts. This is C1.


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