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Talking about life and what makes us move and strive, we must take into account passion as one of the most important driving forces of human nature. I can’t say that lust, greed, and other sinful forces aren’t present, but the positivity of our drive makes it stand out as something that lights our path towards the fulfillment of our dreams.

And what has it got to do with teaching? Well, passion is definitely everywhere, so why the process of teaching would be excluded.

What is passion?

Passion is ultimate enjoyment of doing or experiencing something. Something that you are never bored with, even if you had already done it hundreds of times. It is something that matches your tastes and preferences to the fullest details. It is the key to your soul and mind.

You definitely can’t resist your passion. It is above all in your life; it takes you over completely and you become it, whether you want it or not. You can’t defend yourself with any weapon when your second you knocks on your door. You just surrender and let it lead you as long as you reach the peak of excitement.

Passionate person passionate teacher

It is difficult to say if we are all passionate since not all people have found their inner fire yet or maybe not everybody can be of that kind. However, those who have found it, have discovered the inexhaustible source of life energy, and what’s more, they are able to use it for any other activity they do. They can have passion for education and teaching with passion is their standard.

That implies that being a passionate teacher means the person is passionate about life and whatever they do. For those people, all other alternatives are dull versions of existence that they can’t stand living.

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