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Regardless of whatever is happening throughout the globe, learning should continue, and goals should be achieved. It’s possible. There are pros and cons attached to language learning online.

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Learning languages online has become the norm and our new normal due to technological advancement and circumstances beyond our control. Regardless of whatever is happening throughout the globe, learning should continue, and goals should be achieved. It’s possible. There are pros and cons attached to language learning online.

Why Learn Languages Online?

People choose to learn online for various reasons, some of which are:

flexibility, learning at your own pace, personalized learning, the search for the best talent, pursuing passions outside of the classroom, and many more.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning a Language Online?

Anywhere where the good dominates, the bad is also expected. Below are a few selected advantages and disadvantages some are based on my own experience.



Time is the most precious thing in our lives. Instead of traveling to meet your tutor, it’s so easy to connect from wherever you are and achieve the same results.


Traveling is an expense. When we travel, it’s more likely that we will spend more on some snacks and fuel. Time is money. The less we travel, the more money we save.

Learning options are flexible

You can choose any time which is comfortable for you, helping you stay on track with your other plans in life.

Accessibility is easy

An online learning option is readily available with a few clicks and swipes. You can join the class from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection and a device that is in good working condition.


Affordability is realized when we cut some costs. Online learning is affordable compared to classroom lessons because there is no traveling involved. There is a wide range of teachers to choose from depending on how much you have or how much you are willing to spend. No tuition fee and no transport fee are required.

The best for beginners

Online learning, unlike in a classroom setting, gives beginners confidence because of one-on-one learning. They can express themselves more easily than in the presence of others.


Internet connection

Lack of Internet access continues to be the most serious problem and still affects the majority of people on earth. There are problems with high-speed Internet, insufficient data volume, or connection problems that cannot be fixed right away. Some internet connections are affected by weather changes.

Lack of discipline

Having the knowledge that you can learn anytime and anywhere, it becomes easy to procrastinate. Some people need a change of environment in order to concentrate.

Too much distraction

There is a temptation from the web. For example, while in class, you can see interesting headlines popping up from other social media platforms. Not only that, but there tend to be some distractions from housemates, partners, children, friends, and neighbors. Focus and determination are required.

If you are fortunate enough to have access to a reliable internet connection, Livexp's online language learning is the way of the future. Let nothing hold you back. You can accomplish all of your goals and make all of your dreams come true. Do not hesitate. Find your tutor today with LiveXP. They have the best tutors.

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