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Do you want to learn new languages effectively and quickly?

Understanding a specific science definitely could be helpful. Let’s look at neuropsychology and its application to language learning.

What is neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology is an interdisciplinary scientific field at the intersection of psychology and neuroscience. It aims to understand the connection between the structure and functioning of the brain and the mental processes and behavior of living beings.

How can it be helpful in language learning?

Verbal fluency is often characterized by spontaneity in spoken language, including the speed at which words are spoken and the time required to respond. These factors suggest that verbal fluency is achieved primarily by automatically predicting what comes next or what the speaker will say.

Automaticity in a foreign language is the result not only of pronouncing words and sentences quickly and efficiently but also of reducing the overall effort expended on this, which, in turn, allows people with a higher level of language proficiency to use brain resources for deeper understanding and solving other language problems.

Thus, activating the effective system is necessary to predict what will be said next in a sentence listening topic. The right system is used to iterate incoming language data, transforming it into a form suitable for analysis, which is necessary for forecasting.

People with a dominant right hemisphere prefer subjective forms of control, rely on intuition when making decisions, and are not disturbed by extraneous noise when they work. Suppose a person has a dominant left hemisphere. In that case, he clearly plans everything and efficiently uses grammatical structures when speaking, which cannot be said about a person with a predominant right hemisphere, who rarely makes a plan and does not use grammatical rules when speaking.

During a conversation, “left-brain” people listen to the content, while “right-brain” people listen to how the other person expresses the content.

  • The communicative teaching method is ideal for people with a dominant right hemisphere.
  • For people with a dominant left hemisphere of the brain, it would be much easier to learn a language using grammar-translation and compensatory training methods.

Hopefully, this clarification and neuropsychology basics will do the trick in learning new languages.

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