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Mistakes are part of what makes us human. You make a mistake, and then you apologize. That’s how you repair damage in every relationship. But not knowing how to express your regrets correctly can make things worse. This includes saying “my apology” instead of “my apologies” and vice versa.

That’s why it’s essential to know the appropriate ways to use these two different phrases.

My apology vs. My apologies—When to say each phrase

Both phrases for apologizing are correct, but they are used on different occasions.

When to say “my apology” and when to say “my apologies”

You use “my apology” when you talk about a specific apology you’ve made in the past or you intend to make. In these cases, you use “apology” as a noun.

“My apology” in a sentence

Liam didn’t accept my apology.
I wonder if Sara would accept my apology.

If you want to refer to multiple apologies you’ve made in the past, then you can use the plural form “my apologies.”

“My apologies” in a sentence

I have apologized to each and every person in my class. I hope everyone can accept my apologies.

“My apologies” meaning

“My apologies” is an idiom that means “I’m sorry,” and it’s different from the plural form of the phrase “my apology.” You use it to say you’re sorry for not being able to do something or for doing something wrong.

It’s the common phrase you use when creating an apology letter or email.

“My apologies” in a sentence

My apologies for not coming to your party.
Give my apologies to Sam. I had no idea I was blocking his driveway.
Please accept my apologies for the negative experience you had with our call center agent.

Apologise vs. Apologize

“Apologise” and “apologize” are two spelling variants of the same word with the same meaning. British English uses apologise while American English uses apologize.

More examples of using “my apology” and “my apologies”:

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