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The 21st of July is the day when LiveXP renewed its app for iPhone users at the AppStore.

LiveXP Team
LiveXP Team

The 21st of July is the day when LiveXP renewed its app for iPhone users at the AppStore. But Android users should not be upset! Keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss the Android app release in near future.

Before, the LiveXP app has given an opportunity only to receive notifications, chat in messenger and track your lessons. Now the users can do everything they do on the website:

  • Have 1-on-1 lessons as a learner or as a teacher
  • Track your schedule, so you never miss a lesson
  • Watch public livestreams to discover awesome tutors
  • Search for tutors and languages
  • Edit your profile and add impressive details about yourself

With the help of this app the users can have lessons via their smartphones. It means they can study (and the teachers can teach) really from anywhere. It’s a great advantage for students who don’t lose their progress now and can study without a break. Don’t waste a minute, go to the AppStore and install the application now!

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