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If you are reading this in a search for a tutor then you are at the right place. How can I state this so confidently? Just read the following text and you will find out why LiveXP.

Simple and intuitive

Working with a few different platforms over a course of 17 years I learned something important. Only after a few minutes you discover if the platform is good or not. And good means simple to use, with intuitive options always under your cursor. With LiveXP you do not notice the platform; you just notice categories, the offered content, a list of tutors, and everything that will be of help when choosing a course or a tutor.

You can teach or be taught with the same account, publish your course or have live lessons. You have the possibility to assess tutors’ knowledge prior even having any correspondence with them by browsing the content they published, tiles with interesting materials, and video presentation. You can read reviews of other students, average grade, and a number of ratings after clicking on the tutor’s profile.

With all that in mind, you can easily decide if the tutor is suitable for your needs.


Flexibility regarding pricing is crucial for everybody. You can have 1- hour, 30 – minute or even 15 – minute lessons, which is really convenient and gives you the ability to target your specific needs. When languages are considered, 15 – minute chat can be sufficient for progress if lessons are taken on a regular basis.

Of course, pricing usually follows the lent of the lesson so, instead of having one 1 – hour lesson, you can have four 15 – minutes lessons and pay the same price.

So, these are the reasons you are at the right place. Book a lesson and enjoy studying!

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