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How I Found LiveXP: First Impressions

I’ve been teaching English for several years now, in person and online. After having recently gotten back from teaching overseas, I started looking for fresh teaching platforms to expand my reach. LiveXP was so easy to discover (out of five websites I visited, it was the first), and setting up was THE EASIEST process. I was a bit sceptical because it was so easy. But within a week of signing up I had 5 students and money in my wallet. I wasn’t even putting in a ton of work like on other platforms to market myself, simply because of a lack of time, and so was surprised when I started receiving messages frequently.

Advantages and Disadvantages

I am still finding my way around and am eager to see how the money transfers. (I am currently in the security confirmation waiting period) But from the start, I have been impressed with the assistance offered, and I am impressed with the security gone through for withdrawing money. The two downsides I could see are the time differences, as I have had students miss classes due to not being sure how to read the military time, and what I see to be a lack of clarity in confirming time zones, but I wrote the team and they professionally responded about looking into my problem, so a minor problem to work around in my opinion.


I love the exposure and clean look they offer my profile. As far as using the LiveXp meeting room, I have had success twice, but my favorite thing offered that I have yet to see in other teaching platforms is the ability to take classes to other platforms should the need arise. I love meeting my new students and overall my experience so far has been a huge success. Definitely give LiveXp a try, if nothing else it offers a great springboard for online learning and a little extra cash on the side!

LiveXP Review

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