LiveXP tutor's review from Kristyna Bratkova

One of the features I absolutely adore is the way the teachers are presented on the platform.

Kristyna Bratkova
Kristyna Bratkova
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How I found LiveXP

I was in a search for online teaching platforms for quite a while because the world pandemic made teaching substantially difficult and teaching in person became impossible for me.

My impression

I’ve found quite a lot of platforms but I can honestly say that LiveXP is so far the best one of them all.

Setting up your profile is very easy. One of the features I absolutely adore is the way the teachers are presented on the platform.

Most of the other websites offer only a photo and a brief description, LiveXP however offer a possibility to be creative with your profile and show your personality way more. Apart from uploading a video, you are free to share any content such as photos, recorded lessons or public streams. I really appreciate this possibility because the students get to know their teacher and their teaching style a bit more before they book a lesson with them.

What is also really valuable is the fact that the lessons can be conducted on other platforms, so it becomes more comfortable and convenient for the students.

You can also download an app which allows you to be notified every time you receive a message or someone books a lesson with you, and you surely don’t want to miss out on that.

They also offer wonderful customer service and support there. You can basically chat with their support team, they reply immediately and they have always been very kind and helpful.

Overall experience

I love and enjoy this platform so much and I really appreciate that I can be a part of it.

The fact that you can connect with people from all over the world is incredibly exciting and I cannot wait to meet more students and learn about their cultures. Thank you, LiveXP, for making it possible for us.

LiveXP Review

Kristyna Bratkova

My name is Kristyna, I am a TEFL qualified teacher. Teaching is my full-time job, not only a hobby, and I‘ve been doing it for over 4 years now. Be sure I can help you with your English. Book a lesson

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