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We have kind of massive news for you. LiveXP is moving away from lesson packages to subscriptions.

We believe that consistency is the key to achieving results in learning any language. To learn effectively and comfortably, you need to be in a flow. And the subscription model is created for this purpose.

What changes with subscriptions for students

There are 3 types of subscriptions: monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Each subscription plan gives you a different number of lessons you can spend.

Take advantage of a free 10-minute trial lesson

You can get to know a tutor during a free trial lesson before you decide to learn with them.

You can schedule each lesson with any tutor

Basically, a subscription is a renewable lesson package that isn’t “assigned” to a specific tutor. There are no limits on how many tutors you can learn with and when.

All lessons with all tutors have the same price

You don’t have to compromise between quality and price. It’s all about quality now.

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