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Hi! My name is Victor and I have been teaching for over five years. Teaching for over five years exposes you to different people and different platforms and personally I would say LiveXP is one of the best teaching platforms anyone can be exposed to not just as a teacher but also as a student.

First acquaintance

I had seen an advert of LiveXP on Instagram and as at that time it was the peak of the COVID 19 lockdown in my city, of course, I had students I was teaching but I was looking for a platform that would expose me to other students as I am dedicated to sharing knowledge. So, when I stumbled on LiveXP I was very excited, I had hoped it would be a good place to invest my skill of teaching in actuality it was the best decision I had ever made. When I got accepted to teach at LiveXP I was extremely excited and I look forward to working with them. On my first day of resuming work, I got a call from the most supportive Support team I had ever worked with. The lady introduced herself as Nadine. She was totally amazing and helpful to say the least and she had given me the most important tool I needed to give the best to my students which was support.

First achievements on LiveXP

Presently I have students from Canada, USA, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary just to mention a few and I have watched my students become better and more confident not just in the class but as they tell me in their place of work all thanks to LiveXP.

What I like in LiveXP

LiveXP also gives teachers the opportunity of having a life outside the four walls of the class room as teachers are in charge of their schedule, this allows both teachers and students pick out a comfortable time to have a lesson. LiveXP is reliable when it comes to payment of its teachers. I appreciate the fact that the teacher’s efforts are not taken for granted, you can be rest assured that LiveXP takes its teachers and students as number one priority. Finally, LiveXP has a great range of experienced teachers from different parts of the world, and these teachers are great at impacting all forms of knowledge not just English but Art, Music and so much more. Don’t wait to be told it’s never too late to join the global learning community and remember there is no wasted knowledge. LiveXP is a platform you can trust.

LiveXP Review