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We’re always looking for ways to make teaching for tutors easier and more comfortable. We hope these 2 new features will help you with that!

Pre-lesson prep time

It’s pretty annoying finding out you have a lesson in a couple of minutes. No time to prepare and barely any time to grab a glass of water!

Now you get to decide how late a lesson can be booked before its start. Whether you’re ready to start a lesson in 15 minutes or 24 hours, now it’s up to you.

Just go to “Tutor studio” > “Private lessons settings”.

Manage prep time

Lesson duration settings

It used to be only learners who decided how long they preferred their lessons to be. But things are changing, and tutors can now do the same!

If you want to teach only 30-minute lessons, you can do it. If you prefer 45 and 60 minutes, it’s also possible.

Pay a visit to “Tutor studio” > “Private lessons settings” and turn on the durations you’re most comfortable with.

Manage lesson duration

Apple sign in available

By the way, one more thing not only for tutors but for LiveXP’s every user. One more option for signing in appeared. Now you can do it with the help of your Apple account. So if you’re a mobile user it’s even much easier and faster.

Apple sign in
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