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Greek is indeed a difficult language. The alphabet is different, the pronunciation is hard, and the grammar may be a bit challenging.

So why should somebody attempt to learn Greek?

First of all, I have to tell you that you already know loads of Greek words, since 150,000 English words are derived from Greek.

Having that in mind, you also have to know that the Greek alphabet is the base of the Latin one, which is used in most European languages.

The Cyrillic alphabet was also invented by the Greeks so that you can understand its importance.

You will tell me all this is nice, but why should I actually learn the language? It is spoken by a small population, so I will never need it!

And this is where you are wrong! Greek is not only spoken in Greece and Cyprus but all over the world since you can find Greeks everywhere in the world.

It will definitely be an advantage at work if you already speak the language of some of your co-workers.

There are also a lot of Greek products that are being exported, and that means business. If you work in the food industry, I am sure you have encountered a Greek product somewhere!!

Moreover, Greek cuisine is famous around the world, you can find a Greek restaurant in most cities and enjoy delicious Greek recipes. If you understand Greek, you will be familiar with all the dishes and specialties.

Another fact is that Greece is a major holiday destination. A lot of tourists visit the country all year round. The islands are popular in the summer, while the big cities like Athens and Thessaloniki are visited during the winter (which is very mild, by the way). It will definitely be an advantage if you already speak the language, especially if you want to explore destinations off the beaten track.

You will enjoy Greek culture, philosophy, theatre, and music, and you will understand more when you visit the country.

Is it difficult to learn Greek?

All languages need effort, of course. But as I mentioned before, many Greek words are integrated into the vocabulary of most European languages, so you will find words you will understand.

The Greek grammar and syntax are similar to German, and the structure has a lot of similarities, so if you learn the rules, it will not be that difficult!

So, have you decided? If you still have questions, I’ll be here to help!

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