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Speaking about English and Spanish languages, they are the most commonly known languages around the world. Today, it is presently prominent. You can learn a lot of English and Spanish. Its cultural heritage, ways of expression or gestures, food, dress coding, people, and other things. It is really impressive that these languages are multilingual and touches the heart of individuals.

Personal Experience With English And Spanish

I learned English in a nursery school when I was around 3 years old, located in the Canary Islands, Spain. Then, I joined another English medium school. Thereafter, I joined a Spanish-speaking school. And I’ve learned Spanish. So, I got some experience with both of these languages. I did my schooling in the Canary Islands and India itself. I’ve passed the final board exams in 10th standard as well as in 12th. Of course, that was in India itself. I got a passing certificate and a migration-cum certificate of these standards. I’m very proficient in English and very fluent in Spanish.

Online Language Learning

Nowadays, not only can we learn English and Spanish in schools and universities, but also in online classes virtually. The modern world has changed exceedingly with the advantage of the innovative technology that we have right now. Education is not an exception. We can join an educational school from the comfort of our home zones and learn languages online. My experience in learning English and Spanish was greatly appreciated. Although I did not learn them online, I benefited from the schools that I attended. It was a magnificent experience. Truly worth-taking. In the beginning, in the process of learning, it was kind of difficult, but then I managed to learn these languages. It was worth it. I like to learn languages. It is in my blood.

Language Aspects

Learning an unknown language, especially one which is not from your cultural heritage and you are not familiar with, is pretty difficult. It requires a lot of work and effort. There are unclear aspects such as grammar details, similar words, phrases, rules, exceptions, and so on. A learner or a student needs a teacher to make sure they understand the language and get benefit from it. Why? A teacher knows more than a student, except in some cases rarely, where the students can know something the teacher does not know.

Cultural Differences

There are many cultural distinctions when learning a language. When talking about English, the meaning and pronunciation of some words vary depending on what culture they refer to. American English, British English, African English, Canadian English—there are so many aspects in these languages. Now, while studying English in the English medium school in the Canary Islands, Spain, my pronunciation was kind of Spanish-English. And in India, I've learned Indian English. Interestingly, my English has an Italian accent as my native language is Italian. Therefore, in each part of the world, there is a unique way of speaking the language you are learning, and it varies from country to country.

English And Spanish ―Why And How Beneficial

Learning English and Spanish can be very helpful and beneficial. It also can be meaningful and productive. Why? Because it is very interesting to learn these languages and at the same time it increases your linguistic skills. For example, English is a beautiful language and widely spoken worldwide. In nearly all parts of the globe, people speak English. This language approach is very valuable. Why? Because it likely increases the chances of getting a job or a profession anywhere in the world. It is very likely in demand, and people who speak and understand English are talented people. It can be said that it is a professional language that is very useful and supportive in life. Now, also Spanish, as a linguistical approach, is a very beautiful and valuable language to speak, read and write. It is fully understandable. Spanish is famously known worldwide too. Half of the world speaks Spanish, specifically the entire South American continent and the United States, including Spain. Even in some colonies around the globe, they speak Spanish. Like English, it increases job opportunities in whatever field nearly most parts of the globe.

In conclusion, it can be said that it is worth the effort to learn English and Spanish as two multilingual languages because there are so many benefits, and it increases your store of knowledge in your mind. It is truly important and practical to learn these languages as it is in Roman script as well. You learn a lot from them about its cultural heritage and diversity. That is breathtaking.

Language Learning

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