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In an era at a frantic speed of life, trips to the other end of the city to a tutor for a foreign language lesson have sunk into oblivion. With the advent of online learning, all we have to do is pour a cup of coffee or tea, sit down at a laptop and start speaking in a foreign language. But this method has both advantages and disadvantages, and this needs to be figured out.

Advantages of Learning Foreign Languages Online

1. The student and the online language teacher are located anywhere (of course, if the environment around will not interfere with learning), and also the two sides save time on the road.

2. The choice of a teacher has nothing to do with distance. When learning a foreign language, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the teacher, to the knowledge and ability to teach.

3. Skype offers videos and sounds, so there is an opportunity to practice listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills.

4. Personal space. Not everyone likes to be in the same room with an unknown person. Isn’t it?

Main Disadvantages of Studying Foreign Languages Online

Since learning takes place at home, there can be many distractions such as homework, children, etc.

There may also be interruptions in communication, the presence of extraneous noise.

Well, last and most importantly, not everyone can independently organize themselves for work, that is, laziness manifests itself.

Is It Even Possible to Learn a Language Online?

The answer is yes. As you know, the result of any lesson depends on the student. Of course, discipline and organization are required, independent completion of all tasks, and the search for additional materials.

I advise you to develop good habits and be patient. Practice speaking skills, communicate with a native speaker, listen to audio recordings at any convenience. You also need to watch modern TV shows and films in a foreign language, at an initial level with subtitles.

It is quite possible to learn a foreign language without leaving your home. The internet is full of various online courses and other supplies. All you need is access to the Internet and a great desire. But remember that the result depends not only on the teacher but also on yourself.

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