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Differences Between US and UK English

Dale Kinghorn
Dale Kinghorn
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1) Fall or Autumn?

Trick question, both are correct. Can you guess which one’s which? I’ll give you a hint; the American versions always sound cooler than our versions in England. ‘Fall’ or ‘The Fall’ is the American version and is the time of year between September to November.

2) Can I use the rest..toi..urgh..?

It might seem unusual for English people to hear the word ‘restroom’ but this is actually how it is said when using the bathroom in the US. The word ‘toilet’ is borrowed from none other than our closest neighbor, France – Oh Bonjour Monsieur! Toilet or the ‘toile’ part of this word means ‘cloth’ in English. This word then became ‘toilet’ in English and refers to a cloth put over the shoulders when cleaning or shaving.

3) Elevator vs. Lift?

So in England, you will definitely say a lift, when referring to that thing you use to take you up to the next floor and you use ‘Elevator’ when in the U.S. Can you use ‘Elevator’ in England? Sure, you will be understood completely, but out of respect, try to use the appropriate version when in that country. Here are a few sentence examples:

English version:

“I am going home for the Autumn to see my family”.

American Version:

“I am going home in the fall to see my parents”

English Version:

“Can I use the toilet, please?”

American Version:

“Can I use the restroom, please?”

English Version:

“I’m taking the lift up to the next floor”

American Version:

“I’m taking the elevator up to the next floor.”

These are just a few of the many word differences in U.S and U.K English.

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