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You might have been in a situation where you speak a foreign language and the person across from you doesn’t understand it. One of the reasons could be your pronunciation or the phrases that you use. The best way to be in step with time is to watch popular TV shows or movies where actors use a lot of everyday phrases and expressions. In that way, you are practicing live words of the language and your phrases never get outdated.

In this article, you will find out how to learn Russian by watching TV. In the following text, you will read about three very famous and helpful serials that will become your favorite thing to watch very fast. So, let’s go!

Кухня (Kitchen)

This is always my first recommendation to everybody starting to learn Russian. This popular comedy show about the people who work in a famous high kitchen restaurant in Moscow will take your breath away. The language used in this show is on the intermediate level. You will learn a lot of vocabulary connected with food and professions. It has more than 100 episodes and the story plot isn’t complicated at all. The easiest learning is one linked with pleasure so, through laughing, you will definitely pick up some unique phrases.

Как я стал русским (How I became Russian)

One more comedy show for the newbies is here! This incredible story follows young Alex Wilson who is an American journalist who gets promoted and needs to start working in Russia. The way of living is totally different on this side of the globe, so Alex will need to try to fit in. You will learn a lot of everyday phrases in this serial and be sure to turn on the Russian subtitles so that you don’t miss anything.

Отель Элеон (Hotel Eleon)

Hotel Eleon is the last one presented here but definitely keeps up with the rest. This show follows some of the characters from The Kitchen, only the story plot focuses on the hotel where the restaurant is opened. An owner is a young man who is used to partying and enjoying life without working. He brings Sofiya, a new manager from Brussels who turns the hotel upside down and makes a high elite place.

And there it is! Three exclusive shows that will help you keep your learning funny. Don’t forget to turn on Russian subtitles and don’t waste time by translating every unfamiliar word. Try to get a grasp of what is happening through the context.


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