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Initials in Mandarin Sound Like Letters in English

Let’s check how to pronounce some sounds in Chinese

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Let’s check how to pronounce some sounds in Chinese:

  • b similar to “b” in a “ball”;
  • p (aspirated) similar to “p” in “push”;
  • m similar to “m” in “mum”;
  • f (aspirated) similar to “f” in “fur”;
  • d similar to “d” in a “day”;
  • t (aspirated) similar to “t” in “today”;
  • n similar to “n” in “non”;
  • l (aspirated) similar to “l” in “let”;
  • g like “g” in “go”;
  • k (aspirated) like “c” in “class”;
  • h (aspirated) like “h” in “hill”;
  • j like “j” in “Jim”;
  • q (aspirated) like “ch” in “cheese”;
  • x like “sh” in “she” (just very very little bit similar);
  • z like “ds” in “reads”;
  • c like “ts” in “sits”;
  • s like “s” in “silk”;
  • zh (aspirated) like “ju” in “July”;
  • ch (aspirated) like “ch” in “rich”;
  • sh (aspirated) like “sh” in “sheep”;
  • r (aspirated) like “r” in “red”;
  • y (aspirated) like “y” in “yes”;
  • w (aspirated) like “w” in “war”;

When you try, you will find that the letters “z,” “c,” “s,” “ch,” “sh,” “r,” “x” are not very easy to pronounce. This is because there are no sounds exactly like them in English. Don’t worry about it, because correct sounds will come to you with more practice.

Basic Finals

  • a similar to “a” in “spa”;
  • o similar to “o” in “lot”;
  • u similar to “oo” in “loo”;
  • e similar to “ea” in “early”;
  • ü similar to “you.”

The 6 basic finals may be easier for you, try more.

See you later. 一会见 !

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