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Burnout Signs

To wake up one day feeling demotivated, lethargic, weak, unable to work or meet colleagues are signs telling you that it is time to pause and think conveniently and look for urgent measures for the right diagnosis.

Have you ever noticed any of these symptoms?

If yes, think again and pause for a moment to look for the right cure. I will give some suggestions later to those who noticed any of the above-mentioned signs.

I believe that my work is my greatest passion. It is my refuge for creativity and innovation. I was brought up with an extreme love for innovation and a dislike for monotonous and boring ways of accomplishing a given task. That’s why I always look for ways that interest learners and make them feel motivated and attentive. Years flew by, I found myself unable to wake up in the morning with the same passion and desire to work; feeling reluctant and also bored have become common signs and one of the daily routines I am getting used to before getting ready to work.

The workplace has become a source of stress and anxiety after it has been a source of joy and creativity. To give a lot to the work that you had carefully chosen and, in return, find yourself in an atmosphere that never cares for your own well-being is what adds insult to injury. You have been working for years caring for young learners, finding solutions for them to help them carry on their brilliant work, supporting them, and never letting them down, and, in return, finding yourself burned out and left out alone is really a great pity.

My story is just a warn-out for teachers who neglect their own well-being.

How to avoid burnout

Dear teacher: your health does matter. So, these are my suggestions for you all. You are the candles that enlighten the minds of learners, you are the sun that shines to enlighten our world. So, take into consideration that losing your energy gradually will end up making you feel lethargic and away from your passion for work. So, keep yourself away from any stressful atmosphere. Entering a good staff room is a way to create a convenient atmosphere and contributes to making you restore your lost energy. If teachers manage to engage and involve the most depressed learners, they can do the same with their demotivated colleagues. A cooperative and friendly atmosphere can help burn-out teachers regain their hopeful spirit of working. Why not share worksheets and expertise and hold discussions that help colleagues get out from the isolated atmosphere they are living in to a collaborative and supportive atmosphere?

Finding a balance between work time and enjoy time is vital to help teachers take some rest and practice the activities they enjoy. Some yoga and meditation are required to help teachers rest and relax. The choice is yours now. Think well and make the right decision. Your well-being does matter, and your health is prioritized.

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