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Farther and further are commonly confused words. Even though both terms are often used interchangeably, they don’t always have the same meaning. Knowing whether you should use farther or further in a certain situation can further improve your English.

Farther or further – How to pick the right word

In order to choose the right word, you need to know the difference between farther and further as well as their separate meanings and uses.

Farther – Meaning and usage

Farther is an adverb that means “to or at a greater distance.”


The farther you go, the better.

However, it can also be used as an adjective, describing that someone or something is more distant from another thing.


The green bike is farther away than the white bike.

Further – Meaning and usage

Further can be an adverb, adjective, or verb. If you use it as an adverb, it means “in addition to” or “to a greater degree.”


She has much further to study before she can get a good grade.

If you use it as an adjective, it means “additional,” “extended,” or “more.”


The students should wait for further instructions from the teacher.

You can use this word as a verb as well, meaning “to move forward,” “to promote,” or “to help the progress of.”


Do you want to further your education?

Further vs. Farther – What’s the difference?

Generally, you should use “farther” to describe a physical distance you can measure and “further” in any other case.

If you need a verb, choose “further,” or if you need an adverb instead of “moreover.”

One way to choose the right word is to remember that the term “farther” contains the word “far,” which is used to describe physical distance.

So, is it farther or further from the truth?

The correct word for this popular expression is “further.”


Nothing could be further from the truth.
EnglishWhich is correct

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