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How Did We Learn Our Native Language?

Think back to how you learned your native language. You were exposed to it with every step you took. The people around you spoke it. The music you listened to sang it. Books you read wrote in it. Naturally, a child’s young mind will mimic the world around it. As the child mimics the language, he acquires correct pronunciation, grammar, regional accents, and more. It is the exposure to the language that creates success in language learning.

How Do We Learn Languages As an Adult?

Unfortunately, acquiring a foreign language as an adult is laborious because it is almost impossible to recreate that environment. The target language is not spoken or heard often enough to be learned in the learner's native environment. Creating ways to be exposed to the language and its culture as much as possible is key to success. It is paramount to simulate the natural language learning environment as possible. Talking to an online language tutor online is the best way to achieve this. An unstructured conversation with a native speaker allows you to mimic and learn a language in a more natural way. In this process, you are improving your listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills. An online tutor can gently correct your mistakes and guide you.

How Do Online Tutors Help Me?

Meeting with a native speaker is the best way to learn a language for multiple reasons. The biggest is the tutor guiding you to appropriate resources. When the student is with a tutor, tutors become the language guide. They help choose the right resources for the student to reach their goals. These resources may include reading books together, watching movies, or listening to music. It allows the student to become exposed to the target language in a customized way be best suits the student.

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