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We often talk about the importance of attitude and our message to others. We’re concerned about communication, both verbal and nonverbal. Some even hire coaches to learn how to use the power of body language. After all, the way we behave, look, and talk – all those small nuances that add new layers of meaning to our words – largely influence the way people perceive us. That’s our demeanor.

Demeanor refers to a person’s overall appearance, attitude, and behavior. It reflects the personal style, but it can also unveil the person’s emotional state and much more. Sometimes we’re aware of it, and sometimes we aren’t, but our demeanor is easily observable to everyone we interact with.

Synonyms of demeanor include appearance, manner, conduct, behavior, bearing, posture, disposition, poise, and mien. We can also add any other word or phrase that refers to an expression of attitude and personality.

Types of demeanor

Psychologists often categorize people based on their demeanor. We won’t do that now. Instead, we’ll focus on using the word demeanor in sentences and see which kinds of demeanor we can notice and describe.

The news was good, but her grave demeanor frightened us.
His courageous demeanor left a strong impression on everyone in the room.
Mike’s demeanor suggested he was impatient to leave.
I was anxious about the situation, but her calm demeanor influenced me.
The customer was rude, but the clerk maintained a professional demeanor.

Your demeanor – Example sentences

When we hear the words “your demeanor,” we can be sure that we’ve made an impression, either good or bad. Let’s see some examples.

Your bold demeanor encouraged me.
Nothing in your demeanor suggested you were about to make that move.
We need to talk about your demeanor.
Whatever happens, your demeanor should be calm and professional.
If you speak the truth, your demeanor will show it.
You’ll be more attractive if you pay attention to your demeanor.

Good demeanor – Example sentences

A good demeanor is an appropriate one. Most often than not, a good demeanor tends to pay off.

His knowledge and abilities are below average, but his good demeanor earned him some decent grades.
Who would have thought that a good demeanor could make such a huge difference?

Friendly demeanor – Example sentences

One of the things we appreciate about people in our life is their friendly demeanor.

People were attracted by her friendly demeanor.
The examiner’s friendly demeanor has made everything easier.
His demeanor was friendly and confident.

So, what your demeanor says about you?

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