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What’s the difference between honey and hunny? Honey refers to that sweet viscous fluid produced by bees from plants’ nectar. It’s commonly used to spread on baked foods such as bread & to sweeten tea.

On the other hand, hunny is a sweet word used to refer to someone you love. It’s also used to describe attractive individuals. Generally, sexy and hot individuals! Although it is pronounced as “honey,” it’s not the kind you used as bread spread. Hunny is your ‘sweetheart’ or a pet name. There is also the alternative, which is ‘hunnie.’

Honey vs. hunny

People tend to argue about whether to use honey or hunny when they are sweet on their counterparts. But which one should we use when referring to a person, honey or hunny?

To some extent, it’s a little bit confusing, right? Well, when you are referring to your loved one, the right word to use is hunny. A person can’t be honey, but he/she can be hunny. That’s why the short form of hunny (hun/hunn) is often used when sending texts to our partners.

For example

Hey Hunny, have a good day and don’t forget to call me tonight.
Sleep tight, hun! See you tomorrow.
He doesn’t make honey for me as bees do, but he delights my life like a child!

When to use honey and hunny

Generally, honey is used to mean food, something to add to your toast. Occasionally, some people tend to use honey instead of hunny to mean “darling.” This is because hunny is typically used as a slang spelling of the word honey.

John lifted the pot of honey and poured it to every glass on the table.
Darling, you taste like honey. Xoxo!

We can use honey in place of hunny, but the word hunny can’t mean honey in the form of food.

It’s essential to understand the difference in the meaning of the two words to avoid misusing them in various contexts.

For example

“Come on, honey, I love you!” she said!
He hugged his girl and said, “We shall talk about it, hunny.”

When honey is used as an endearment term between two people who really love each other, it’s just because love is always a sweet motion! But hunny makes it more endearing and cute!

Some more examples of using “honey” and “hunny”:

Pulp Fiction (1994)
Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
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