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There is a famous saying that goes, “There is a woman behind every successful man.” Well, what if I tell you that behind every successful business is good communication? We can debate over the success of a man attached to a woman, but we can never debate the fact that one of the most important keys to a successful business is good communication. It is safe to say that the great walls of language barriers in our history and society today have put a blockage towards successful business deals, proving once again why language should not just be defined as a means to communicate but as a powerful force that shapes our understanding of the world. In fact, permit me to say that language is Power.

English in business is simply equipping you with one of the tools needed to tap into that realm of a successful business. It is simply a specific language (English) and communication skill needed in a professional or business setting. Now imagine having such a wealth of knowledge about improved English vocabulary in business to enable you to carry out your day-to-day business and professional activities and enjoy the power of knowledge in English. That alone sets you apart from other professionals in your field.

In today’s world, business is often globalized and interconnected. It is now a global phenomenon that transcends various borders. A tree that grows beside a stream bears more fruits than a tree that grows far away from the stream. In the same logic, a layman with no knowledge of language in a professional or business setting cannot bear the fruits of a man who possesses the power of language required to carry out similar activities. Proficiency in English is essential for communication in international markets.

It is important to note that in reality, there is no such thing as “Business English” but rather English in Business. It is simply the application of English in a professional context, meaning that language essentially comes before business. So, knowing the English language fluently is enough to enable you to carry out your professional or business activities. This does not mean that in business, there are no special English terms to use in conducting a business or a professional activity; there are lots of terms to use. However, one must first master the language before applying it to a formal business setting. A man does not board a plane while it is already in the sky; he must first board the plane when it’s on the ground. In the same way, we cannot jump into the basic and important English business terms without dissecting every corner of the English language.


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