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The desire to learn a new language fast to speak with the locals is praisable. But you need to be realistic and understand that any result can’t be achieved without effort. An English speaker needs about 600 hours to reach proficiency in Italian. But if you are not going to discuss your business ideas and politics in Italian, you need much less to master the basics to order some food or ask the way in Italy.

There are a bunch of ways to learn languages that can round each other out. But if you’re here, you need to reach an observable goal in a short period of time. So, we will focus on the best and fastest way to learn the Italian language.

Learn with an Italian tutor online

It may be considered the most traditional way of learning, but it’s still the most effective one. And the 21st century brought new technologies and possibilities to improve this method. Now you don’t need to spend your time and money and learn Italian in individual lessons with a tutor online. There are plenty of platforms to provide you with language tutors to learn with.

Advantages of learning the Italian language with a tutor

Let’s explore the advantages of studying with an online tutor who is a native speaker of Italian:

  • Pronunciation and accent: A native Italian speaker can provide the correct pronunciation of words and their nuances, allowing you to speak Italian more naturally and fluently.
  • Comprehending cultural context: Language is a significant part of a culture. An Italian tutor can provide cultural context and insights you might need help finding in textbooks. This will enhance your awareness of the language and provide you with a deeper appreciation of Italian culture.
  • Immediate feedback: A tutor can provide timely feedback on your language use, correcting mistakes in real time. This can safeguard you from forming incorrect patterns and guarantee proper usage of the language.
  • Personalized learning: A tutor can adapt lessons and techniques to fit your specific learning style, pace, and goals. They can also assist you in concentrating on specific areas where you might be facing challenges.
  • Conversation practice: In Italian conversational lessons, a tutor can help you understand colloquial language, idioms, and real-life expressions that might not be covered in language learning apps or textbooks.
  • Motivation and accountability: Regular meetings with a tutor can establish a routine, making it more likely that you’ll stick with your language learning goals.
  • A better understanding of grammar and vocabulary: While there are rules in every language, there are often just as many exceptions. An Italian native speaker has an inherent understanding of these complexities and can explain them to you in ways a non-native speaker might not be able to.

But remember that a good tutor is not only a native speaker. You can practice with someone who knows Italian as a second language and is a certified teacher.

Where to find an Italian tutor

As we have already mentioned, there are a lot of platforms where you can find tutors from all over the world. LiveXP offers you 50+ Italian tutors and teachers for individual lessons.

How to choose a tutor on LiveXP for learning Italian

It’s quite easy to navigate on LiveXP. Visit the Italian language section and use filters to make the search easier. Choose your goal, interests, other languages a tutor can speak, etc. Common interests will help your lessons be more exciting and engaging.

Every tutor on LiveXP has an introduction video. You can listen to how they speak and learn more about them. You can also message any tutor to ask additional questions or clarify the details.

When you find a tutor you would like to try learning with, click on the green button “Book trial lesson,” choose the day and time and finish the booking with the payment.

You can have a trial lesson with several Italian tutors. If you liked the platform and are interested in learning the Italian language online with a tutor, the LiveXP subscription is all yours. It gives you full flexibility: you create your schedule, you can learn on any device and everywhere on earth with an Internet connection. The subscription also allows you to learn more than one language with an unlimited number of tutors without paying additionally.

Start speaking Italian quickly

Being an English speaker is an advantage in learning Italian. You will catch the basics faster with consistent practice with a tutor on LiveXP.

In your free time, strengthen your gained knowledge by watching videos in Italian, listening to songs, etc. You can use Duolingo to practice some basic sentences and questions. All these ways of learning Italian will lead you to speak with the locals during your trip. Happy vacation!


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