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Learning Greek is not an easy task, especially given the difficulties of everyday life. Finding the time to practice Greek can be particularly challenging, especially as you progress from a beginner to an intermediate level. And, of course, after spending 8 or more hours at work and a significant amount of time commuting back and forth, you may not even feel like studying.

Fortunately, our smartphones provide a convenient solution. There is a plethora of Greek apps available for learners of all levels, from beginner to advanced, that cater to those who want to do their language learning on the go. You can significantly improve your progress by incorporating these paid or free Greek learning apps into your daily routine.

Best apps for learning Greek and what they offer

Best apps to learn Greek through exercises


Amidst the variety of intermediate Greek apps, Pimsleur stands out with its focus on the conversational aspect of language learning. This app targets pronunciation and listening skills, following Paul Pimsleur’s method. Pimsleur’s innovative method teaches pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar using rote memorization. It is primarily audio-based, making it an excellent option for commuters.

Sentences are presented in Greek and organized according to topics. Each sentence is accompanied by an English translation, native pronunciation, and a transcription to help you master the pronunciation. While Pimsleur’s Greek course only has two levels right now, it provides enough content for a Greek app. Consider the free trial period to get a firsthand experience, and if you decide to subscribe, you’ll be protected by a 30-day refund policy.


If you are wondering, “Where can I learn Greek while having fun?” look no further than Clozemaster. This app bridges the gap between advanced beginner and near-native proficiency, providing a fun way to improve grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension skills. And all of this in a retro, gamified setting.

The app’s main feature is fill-in-the-gap sentences, which allow users to type or select answers from suggested options. With the Pro version, you can create and customize your own collections, earn points, and use them to advance up the leaderboards. In any case, you have an exceptional choice in your hands because this app was specifically designed to help you achieve fluency by using phrases you’ll encounter in everyday life.

Clozemaster’s free version includes many features, making it an excellent choice for an intermediate Greek app. This allows you to test out the Clozemaster app’s features before deciding whether to upgrade to the Pro version, which comes with three convenient plans.


Mondly is a fantastic Greek language learning app for both beginner and intermediate learners. Its emphasis is primarily on vocabulary, which will appear frequently throughout your lessons. The course is designed to allow for significant progress, which you can track to stay motivated and evaluate your achievements.

The lessons in Mondly are concise and easy to comprehend. They are divided into categories and topics, allowing you to plan your studies ahead of time. Furthermore, the app constantly adds new lessons, so you’ll always have new material to learn and review. The variety of entertaining exercises, such as fill-in-the-blanks and word matching, are engaging without sacrificing the excitement of the challenge!

While Mondly does not offer a free version, you can access the various lessons through three convenient plans: a recurring subscription, an annual subscription, or a lifetime subscription.

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is another popular Greek language learning app that stands out because of its structured lessons, aiding in both grammar and conversation.

The app includes reading and listening activities, as well as an intelligent review system that allows you to learn from your mistakes. Its clever algorithms analyze how the user learns and can adapt to your individual learning process and style. It also guides you through everyday scenarios, teaching you how to speak in context.

Mango Languages does not have a free version, but you can benefit from a free trial before choosing whether you will commit to a subscription plan.

Greek learning apps: human interaction


LiveXP provides 1-on-1 online lessons with the tutor of your choice. It is available for both Android and iOS.

When you start learning a new language—especially if this language differs a lot from those you know—it is essential to have a guide. It’s like being in the deep forest you have never been to. You won’t be able to “survive” on your own. LiveXP platform (and app as well) offers dozens of Greek tutors for individual lessons online. This tutor will create a personalized lesson plan for you based on your level and goals. The tutor will take you by your hand and lead you through this forest successfully.

On LiveXP, you have the flexibility to reschedule and cancel lessons, and you can easily switch tutors to find one who suits your learning style. You can contact LiveXP’s tutors before booking a lesson to ensure your confidence and safety.

LiveXP offers a plethora of tools and features, including a built-in tool to take Lesson Notes, and specific features for retaining vocabulary and learning new words with the help of the spaced repetition method via Word Trainer in the LiveXP app.

You can access LiveXP through a flexible subscription plan that gives you access to any tutor on the platform and allows you to learn several languages simultaneously. You can book a trial lesson for as low as $3.49.

Benefit: As to the Greek language, on LiveXP, there are tutors who specialize in preparation for the language exam to obtain Cypriot citizenship.


You can also benefit from an app that can connect you with native speakers in order to help you practice your skills. If you seek conversation practice but you don’t know any native speakers of Greek, then Tandem is the app for you.

Tandem functions similarly to a social networking app, allowing you to log in and connect with other native speakers or Greek language learners for conversation. The app includes integrated tools that can improve your learning experience during conversations. For example, you can find translations within the app, and your discussant can correct your mistakes in the middle of the conversation.

Rosetta Stone

When searching for the best Greek language app, you will undoubtedly come across Rosetta Stone. Thanks to its globally acclaimed and award-winning courses, Rosetta Stone features prominently in any such list.

The thing about Rosetta Stone is that, regardless of your level, all of the lessons are in Greek. While this may appear to be a challenge at first, it is an important factor that makes it an excellent choice for quickly gaining fluency. It also includes an advanced speech recognition system that can recognize non-native accents. Finally, you can schedule tutoring sessions using the app.

Rosetta Stone does not offer a free version. You can try the app for 3 days for free before committing to a paid plan.

Best apps to learn Greek with fun


Duolingo, a widely popular language learning app, stands out for its engaging approach that makes Greek education entertaining. Users can set customized goals and benefit from a variety of exercises designed to boost grammar, writing, and listening skills. The app’s unique feature of humorous sentences aids in effective memorization, making it an excellent choice among Greek learning apps.

Catering to both beginners and intermediates, the difficulty level of the Greek course increases as you progress through the levels. For many languages, it employs the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CERF) levels to help you prepare for exams and/or achieve fluency.

Duolingo’s premium version, Super Duolingo, provides an enhanced experience. This upgrade provides unlimited “lives” for games and challenges, special competitions, as well as the ability to review your mistakes through personalized daily review lessons.

The truth is you can barely achieve fluency in the Greek language with Duolingo only. All the exercises you have in this app are far from real-life communication. You don’t practice speaking, or if you do, you do it on your own. If you’re serious about learning Greek, Duolingo won’t be enough. It can really help at the very beginning of your learning process; it can help learn new words and expand your vocabulary. But you need someone to practice this vocabulary in conversations or writing.


Learning Greek vocabulary is one of the most difficult aspects of the language. Learning the Greek alphabet can be tricky (see app #8 below), but it is certainly essential for effective communication. That is where Drops can come in handy!

Drops is an app that uses interactive games to keep learners engaged and help them learn Greek phrases and words on a consistent basis. The vocabulary is divided into various topics and categories, allowing you to focus on the ones that interest you. You can find some similarities with Duolingo in its approach and methods. It may not be a comprehensive app for learning Greek, as other apps on this list are, but it can be an effective vocabulary-learning tool. Also, what better way to learn a few words while getting a quick espresso before work?

The Drops app is available for free only for 5 minutes per day. You can also try a free 7-day trial with full access to all features and lists before choosing whether you want to upgrade.


If you are not in the mood for some traditional language-learning exercises, then LingQ is the app to try. LingQ is not a typical learning app – in fact, many of the apps on this list are not typical – in the sense that it is not focused on learning through lessons and exercises. LingQ gives users access to a diverse range of Greek content, including podcasts, movies, TV shows, websites, and books. There is a wide variety of Greek content available, and the platform is constantly expanding.

There are many tools offered in this app to help you discover content tailored to your specific preferences. If you’re still having trouble finding content that you’d like to watch or listen to, LingQ has another helpful function. You can import your own audio or video, and LingQ will create a lesson for you!

While LingQ doesn’t offer a free version, you can try the app before committing to a paid plan.

Best apps to learn Greek vocabulary

Greek Letters and Alphabet (From Alpha to Omega)

Aside from traditional language-learning apps, you can also benefit from an app that helps you learn the Greek alphabet. This one would be the Greek Letters and Alphabet app, formerly known as “From Alpha to Omega.”

While there are many resources available for learning the Greek alphabet and how to pronounce Greek sounds, this app can be especially useful when practicing on the go. It’s a simple app that teaches you the Greek letters while also providing activities to help you recognize and use them correctly.

The app is offered completely free, but you will have to watch a lot of advertisements while using it.

LiveXP’s Word Trainer

Word Trainer is not an app, it’s a feature for practicing vocabulary inside the above-mentioned LiveXP app. This feature helps learners memorize words more efficiently with the help of a spaced repetition method. How does it work?

There are prepared basic word sets in the Word Trainer that help beginners grasp basic vocabulary. What helps to retain new information is going back to it regularly. So, to help you learn new words, the app will remind you to review them in 1 day > 3 days > 7 days > 14 days. These review sessions will include the words you’ve learned before.

You can add any word or phrase into your vocabulary and learn it with Word Trainer in the LiveXP app. To strengthen your knowledge and practice in using these new words in context, practice in individual lessons with Greek tutors on LiveXP.

Learn new words and phrases in the Word Trainer to build your Greek vocabulary and practice them in real-life conversations with LiveXP tutors.

Best apps to learn Greek

If you are looking for the best app for learning Greek, you will come across many options. Each app on our list provides distinct features and learning experiences, ranging from gamified learning to conversing with native speakers.

Every one of these apps is useful for language learning. Because learning is heavily based on repetition and tutoring, we must highlight LiveXP’s immersive approach, which includes highly skilled tutors who can help you achieve your goals. Download the app for Android or iOS today and unlock your full potential for effortless communication in Greek.

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