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Main Advantages Making Studying Online Worth It

The 2 main pros of online teaching are flexibility and transportation.

Mohammad Nader Shabani
Mohammad Nader Shabani
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Many people believe that education is best in physical classrooms because of the importance of human interaction. However, after the covid-19 hit the world, universities felt the need to shift online, and this is where people started viewing online teaching differently. The 2 main pros of online teaching are flexibility and transportation.


When a student studies online, they have the option of working while studying simultaneously. During their university days, many students were forced to lie to the professors or come late to class because they had work. In a traditional classroom, the class meetings are fixed, and the students need to leave their houses earlier to arrive at the right time. Students also have the flexibility to speed up their degrees at the pace they want because, in traditional classes, they have fixed timings and settings as students have no power over this and are forced to abide.

Most students who choose online studying prefer this because they have other commitments and choose it because it gives them control over how they will manage their time towards the different projects they have in mind.


To many people, online education is the better option and can be the best option for many reasons. First, the cost is less for many reasons. First, there is no cost for commuting. Many people face trouble finding an economical car that doesn’t need a lot of petrol. Car maintenance can also be a problem, as cars require good care, so they don’t crash or start to work ineffectively. Students also suffer from the need to pay for parking lots.

Waking up early can also be a tough challenge for many students, especially those who live far from the campus of the university/institution. Time-saving can also be very important, as students need more time to study and need flexible space at home.

All in all, many people believe that online teaching is challenging as it requires motivation and because there aren’t many universities that teach online. However, after the coronavirus pandemic, many universities shifted to online teaching, and students have also started getting used to this learning mode. Yes, lack of communication could be a problem for many people. However, there are more advanced platforms now that allow students to interact in breakout rooms. In addition, the pros of online learning outweigh the cons, as analyzed.

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Mohammad Nader Shabani

Mohammad Shabani, a 21-year old male who received their bachelor's degree in media studies in 2022, and a certified TEFL teacher. Interested in reading, researching, and English studies.

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