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Both spellings are technically correct, and both variants are acceptable.

In British English, it is spelled “acknowledgement,” with an extra “e” between g and m, while in American English, it is spelled “acknowledgment.”

Stick to general geographical standards, and you will be fine.

In the United States and Canada, acknowledgement occurs roughly once every two times, while in British and Australian periodicals, the ratio is the opposite.

So, wherever you’re writing, all versions are permissible, and both versions are correct. However, to stay on the safe side, it’s probably better to stick with the one people in your area are more likely to believe is accurate.

Learn More About Acknowledgment vs. Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement spelling is not that difficult to understand. If you’re wondering how to spell the word correctly, the answer is that it depends on where you live because spelling differs depending on where you reside. It also depends on where your audience/readers are located.

If you’re writing for a foreign audience or if you’re a content writer with a specific target audience in mind, use the format they like. It is especially crucial in marketing and internet writing, where you want the audience to feel at ease.

So, for Canada and USA, drop the “e,” and for Great Britain and Australia, add an extra “e” between “g” and “m.”

How to Use Acknowledgment in Sentence?

It is used as a noun in American English. It refers to a gesture of thanks or a sign of acknowledgment. There are various alternative meanings for acknowledgment that contribute to determining its usage.

These spelling differences in terms with the same meaning are similar.

Both forms are correct and acceptable in any situation where you are writing. In single writing or document, however, avoid using both versions simultaneously. When writing, try to keep consistency and use only one spelling form.


It might seem unconventional for an author of a book about evolution to thank his travel agent in the acknowledgements instead of the Institute.
We acknowledged receipt of their communication by sending an acknowledgement letter.
After the meeting, special acknowledgements will be made to all hard workers.


  • Acceptance
  • Appreciation
  • Avowal
  • Credit
  • Citation
  • Mention
  • Notice
  • Recognition
  • Self-confession
  • Yielding

Let’s Review

Whatever you choose from acknowledgment or acknowledgement, you will not go wrong, depending on the continent. The first version is related to America, and the second to Europe and Australia. Don’t use both in the same text, be consistent.

In the case of online marketing or blogs, it is best to choose the one that the target audience prefers. There is a memory trick to help you remember. England begins with an “e,” and the term is spelled, in this case, with an extra “e.”

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