Personalized Learning Path (PLP) is designed to enhance your tutoring experience and optimize Student learning journeys. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the details of this exciting addition and how it can benefit both you and your Students.

Important: The Personalized Path is available only for English learners and covers A1-C1 levels (there will be no personalized plan generated for the Students who’re already of C1 level or higher).

Understanding Personalized Path

Personalized Learning Path is a customized roadmap to lead your Students exactly where they want to go in their language adventure. This innovative feature is created to assist Tutors in guiding their Students towards achieving their desired language proficiency goals. It is structured based on the CEFR scale (A1-C2 levels). Personalized Learning Path consists of two main activities:

  1. 🧑‍🏫 1-1 Online Lessons: These are typical sessions conducted on the LiveXP platform, now focusing on specific Grammar and Lexical topics corresponding to the Student's Learning Path program.
  2. 📱 Self-Study Practice Sessions: Practice exercises generated based on recent 1-1 lessons, aimed at reinforcing learning between sessions with Tutor. Students are expected to discuss Grammar & Vocabulary topics with the Tutor during the lesson, and then practice with self-study exercises after the lesson (you can call it auto-generated homework).

What is included in the Student’s self-study practice?

Practice exercises within the Personalized Path cover 3 aspects of language learning: Reading, Listening, and Grammar. Speaking and Writing skills are expected to be practiced during the 1-1 lessons exclusively.

Currently we provide several different kinds of exercises to cover basic Student’s need for practicing:

Reading Exercises aimed to improve&check student’s ability to understand written text

  • Fill in the gaps in the text
  • Choose the best title
  • Choose correct answer

Listening Exercises aimed to improve&check student’s ability to understand speech

  • Choose correct answer
  • Fill the gaps

Grammar Exercises aimed to improve&check student’s ability to understand and use proper grammar

  • Open the brackets (choose correct form)
  • Put the words in the correct order

We’re also working on adding other kinds of exercises aimed at developing productive skills.

To make a Learning Path more granular for the better Student’s progress tracking, we also use “sub-levels” according to Pearson’s scale: A1, A2, A2+, B1, B1+, B2, B2+, C1, C2.

Lessons and practice sessions are grouped into Units, mirroring the structure of the Personalized Path program.

While Personalized Learning Path is initially built based on the Student's level and preferences, it can be modified during the learning process to accommodate individual needs.

Personalized Path Example (how Tutors see it)

Personalized Path Example (how Students see it)

Example of Lesson Details page for Students with Personalized Path

Personalized Path Modification

  • Add Lesson Item. Tutors have the option to offer "repeat-lesson" sessions, covering topics previously taught, for situations where the Student struggles to keep pace and requires additional time to solidify new concepts in memory.
"Custom" Lesson Items are exclusively permitted for addition into the "future" stages of the learning journey. This means that it's not possible to introduce Lesson or Practice Items into segments of the Learning Path that have already been completed.
  • Skip Option. Tutors have the option to skip a certain part of the Personalized Learning Path for a particular student if the student is already familiar with those sections (topics).
    Tutors can shift the marker for the Current item to any forthcoming segment of the Personalized Learning Path, excluding past segments.
All items between the previous location of the Current marker and its new placement are labeled as "Completed" as if the Student has already covered those lessons. This action cannot be undone.

Personalized Path. Tutor Linking.

Each active PP Student is linked to one Tutor at a time, allowing Tutors to:

  • Monitor the Student's progress and learning path.
  • Modify the Learning Path as needed.

Initial Linking and Tutor Change

  • Tutors are assigned to a Student's Learning Path when the first full lesson is scheduled.
  • Students can change Tutors at any time, except when lessons are scheduled with the current Tutor.
  • After a successful change, the previous Tutor loses access, while the new Tutor gains access to the Student's Learning Path.

Other Features Provided within Personalized Learning Path

Alongside Personalized Path, LiveXP offers:

  • ☑️ Language Tests
    Placement test to initially estimate Student’s language proficiency.
    Interim tests, to measure Student’s progress.
  • 📝 Word sets for each Unit to aid vocabulary acquisition. Collections of words for Students to learn and memorize during the particular Unit.

Benefits for Tutors

  • Track Student’s progress and manage learning processes effectively.
  • Have your Students assisted with engaging practice exercises tailored to their needs to complete following the lessons.
Speaking and Writing skills are anticipated to be honed during one-on-one lessons; therefore, we do not offer self-study practice exercises for these particular skills.

How it affects Tutors and Students


  • Personalized Learning Path feature will be suggested for Students who chose "Learn basics" and "Improve proficiency" goals on the LiveXP platform.
  • Students who decide to learn with this element must receive a Personalized Learning Path generated by LiveXP and tailored to their unique level and objectives. Following this, they select a tutor with whom they wish to engage within the Learning Path.


  • To utilize Personalized Learning Path, tutors must enable the feature in their settings for the English language.
  • It primarily affects tutors specializing in "Learn basics" or "Improve proficiency."
  • With Learning Path enabled, tutors receive detailed learning plans for each Student, suggesting Grammar and Vocabulary topics for each lesson.

Key Changes

Important Considerations

LiveXP provides the learning plan, but Tutors are responsible for providing lesson materials. Personalized Learning Path streamlines lesson planning by outlining specific topics to be covered.

In conclusion, Personalized Learning Path revolutionizes tutoring by offering a structured approach to language learning, individualized to each Student's goals and pace. Embrace this feature to optimize your tutoring experience and guide your Students towards language proficiency with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

How to enable/disable Personalized Learning Path feature? (Tutors)

For New Tutors

To activate the Personalized Learning Path, Tutor has to explicitly enable the feature by selecting "Learn basics" or "Improve proficiency" specialties in their Tutor’s settings for the English language and accepting Personalized Learning Path feature terms.


  1. When signing up as a tutor, select "English" as your teaching skill & "Learn basics" and/or "Improve proficiency" specialties on the Language taught section.
  2. Click to "Read details" about Personalized Learning Path. You can choose to enable it at this time.


  1. During registration, navigate to the "Language Taught" section and under "Specialties," click on "Disable" Personalized Learning Path.
  2. Already registered? Head over to the ‘Language Specialties’ section in your profile and disable Personalized Learning Path with a single click.

For Loyal Tutors


  1. Go to your Dashboard located on the left side of the screen.
  2. You'll see a notification in your Dashboard about enabling Personalized Learning Path.
  3. Click to "Read details."
  4. Activate the feature if you wish to use it.


  1. Navigate to the ‘Language Specialties’ section in your profile and disable Personalized Learning Path with a single click.

Is the Personalized Learning Path feature available for free?

Yes. The Personalized Learning Path is available at no additional cost.

Will I lose my students if I opt out of the Personalized Learning Path?

No. Opting out of the Personalized Learning Path won't affect your Students:

  • Your current non-Learning Path Students will continue their studying with you as usual.
  • For any new Students who haven't activated the Personalized Learning Path, they'll also have the opportunity to study with you.
  • If your Student with activated Personalized Learning Path wants to continue learning with you, they should disable the feature on their end as well. This way, you can continue tutoring without the Learning Path. However, if they decide to keep their learning journey with the feature, they will be advised to choose the other Tutor.

What is needed from me to prepare for the 1-1 Learning Path Lesson?

Since LiveXP does not provide any learning materials, Tutors can prepare for the lesson as how it was before. However, it is mandatory to follow the lexical and grammar topics suggested by the Learning Path.

How does a 1-1 lesson with Personalized Learning Path differ from a regular lesson?

With Personalized Learning Path, you'll receive a detailed plan outlining the Grammar and Vocabulary topics to be covered during the lessons. Previously, Tutors and Students had to decide on these topics themselves. However, you'll still need to prepare the materials for the lessons.

Can I choose not to teach with the Personalized Learning Path?

Yes. Personalized Learning Path is completely optional for both Tutors and Students. You can choose to deliver lessons with or without the structured plan offered by Learning Path.

Can I teach both with and without the Personalized Learning Path?

Yes. Enabling Personalized Learning Path opens up additional opportunities for connecting with Students who choose to utilize this feature.

You can still teach other languages and specialties as usual, following your own teaching methods and curriculum.

Does Personalized Learning Path apply to my current students?

Learning Path do not automatically appear for your current students. But if they want to — they can go and configure the Learning Path for themselves (it’ll also require that you have Learning Path feature enabled in your profile settings).

Will all my future students be using the Personalized Learning Path?

If you decide to integrate the Personalized Learning Path into your teaching, it means all future Students who choose the "Learn Basics" or "Improve Proficiency" specialties will have the Learning Path enabled.

Alternatively, if you prefer to follow your pre-prepared program, new Students assigned to you will not utilize the Personalized Learning Path.

Also, the Personalized Learning Path does not apply to specific learning goals such as 'Do business,' 'Talk with people,' 'For kids,' 'Prepare for exams' and languages other than English.

How to Determine if a Student is studying by Personalized Learning Path (PLP)?

Here are several ways to help you identify such students without any effort or time wasted.

Will I be able to track my student’s Learning Paths?

You'll have the ability to monitor each Student's learning progress closely – specifically which topics a Student has mastered, what's next on their Learning Path, and the schedule for upcoming topics.

Can I modify the Personalized Learning Path for my student?

You have the power to customize the Personalized Learning Path to meet the individual needs of your students. Find detailed instructions on how to do that in this article.

What if a student studying with Learning Path decides to opt out of it?

Students can still schedule 1-1 lessons with you as usual. However, they won't have the opportunity to utilize self-practice exercises.

Can students progress through the Personalized Learning Path without having lessons with the tutor?

No. 1-1 lessons are the main driving force in the Personalized Learning Path, since having live classes with a specialist is the best way to have language concepts properly explained.

Is it mandatory for students to complete practice exercises to progress through the Personalized Learning Path?

Students have the flexibility to skip practice sessions temporarily within the Learning Path. If a practice task is missed, the progression simply continues the next day based on the Student's timezone.

However, missed practice sessions will need to be completed later to advance to the next Personalized Learning Path Unit. We highly recommend completing practice sessions along with 1-1 lessons for the most effective learning experience.

These exercises reinforce the concepts covered in classes with the Tutor, strengthening understanding and speeding up language learning progress.

How can my student practise Vocabulary from their Personalized Path?

On the Personalized Path page, by opening "Show all path", your student will encounter the "Words for Unit" field. Clicking on this button, they will find additional option labeled "Learn words in app". When student selects it, Vocabulary specific to the unit they're studying will be seamlessly added into the LiveXP app Trainer for further practice.

Can I see a full example of what the Learning Path looks like?

Yes, you can see an example by the link.

Which levels does the Personalized Learning Path cover?

The Personalized Learning Path covers A1-C1 levels.