Students pay for lessons when they purchase them.

Tutors get paid only for the lessons scheduled by students on the LiveXP calendar.
Before conducting a lesson check your LiveXP calendar, and make sure you see that lesson there

If the lesson is not reflected on your LiveXP calendar, it means that it has not been scheduled by the student yet (most likely, it's still hanging in the "Unscheduled lessons" section). In such a case, ask your student to schedule a lesson first.

You get paid:
1) if the lesson is scheduled on the LiveXP Calendar
2) after a lesson has ended and the student has rated it positively.
If the student doesn't rate a lesson, you get paid after 48 hours.
3) If the student rates a lesson negatively, you can still get paid after the investigation of what went wrong for the student.

Where does the money go?
What students pay you for lessons and courses goes to your "Wallet".

How to withdraw the money I earned?
You can withdraw the money via PayPal or Payoneer. All withdrawal requests are to be submitted by Wednesday inclusive and are processed once per week on Thursdays.
To withdraw money to Payoneer, the amount in your "Wallet" should be over $50, and there should be no failed lessons on your part.

If you have more than 3(three) failed lessons, the payout will be automatically locked. In order to unlock it, contact the student, agree on a new date and time for conducting the failed lesson and send all the details to the Support Team. We will move those lessons in the schedule and your payout request will get unlocked.