Tutors get paid after conducting a lesson. The more lessons you have, the more you can earn per lesson. To find out how to earn more per lesson, read here.

The payment goes to the tutor's wallet only:

  • For lessons scheduled in the LiveXP calendar
  • When both the student and the tutor confirm the lesson after it's over (mark is as Completed)
💫 Before a lesson, check your LiveXP calendar and make sure you see that lesson you are going to join on there. If the lesson is not in your LiveXP calendar, it means the student has not scheduled it, or one of the old lessons was not moved to the actual date.

You get paid:

  • If a lesson is in your LiveXP calendar
  • After the lesson is over and confirmed by you and the student. If the student doesn't confirm the lesson, you get paid 48 hours after the end of the lesson, and if you confirm it on your side.
  • If the student didn't attend the lesson without prior informing or rescheduling it and you waited for him till the very end of the lesson. In such a case, mark the lesson as "the lesson didn't happen" and choose the reason "Student didn't come."
  • If some issue on the platform doesn't let you have a lesson, and the Support team has proof of that. So make sure to report to Support any issues you may have with lessons.

Where does the money from students go?

What students pay for lessons goes straight to your "Wallet."

How to withdraw the money I earn?

You can withdraw the money via PayPal, Payoneer, or your crypto wallet. All withdrawal requests should be submitted by 11.59 pm (UTC 00) on Wednesday and are processed on Thursdays.

Minimum amounts to withdraw are the following:

PayPal - $25
Payoneer - $50
Tether, Bitcoin - $50
Ethereum - $100.
* For crypto wallets, a 1% fee is deducted upon withdrawal

If you have more than 10 (ten) failed lessons, the payout will be automatically locked.

To unlock it, contact the students, agree on a new date and time for the lessons, and send all these details to the Support team. We will move those lessons in the schedule, and your payout request will get unlocked.

To avoid payouts locking in the future, do your best to reschedule the lessons on time whenever you feel you cannot make it to a lesson.
Send a reschedule request to the student so as not to let the lesson get failed.